Monday, June 4, 2012


June 4, 2012

well. i got a call from the asistants last night and im officially going to train a new missionary in my ward. im staying here for another 6 weeks at least (6 months total) and im stoked! im also the district leader.  so im not going to the reno mission nor will i ever. so thats good. this week has been fun, elder thomas and i didnt do a whole lot but im like whatever dude im not dragging you around so im gonna just love the crap out of you and mess around and have fun. aha. not good, but itll change with my trainee. in the mission we call it "having a kid", which means im his dad and elder thomas is his mom. haha. so im calling him my first born in the wilderness, like lehi. :D awesome right?

Your ward fathers day activity sounds cool.  dad should dress up like king noah and carry around 2 stuffed jaguars. itll be awesome and hilarious! glad yall are still having fun and getting ipads and fancy new toys. i wish i could play but i am a little busy at the moment. :P haha.

thats awesome about dad and his companion though, sounds like fun. :) that would be cool after all those years to be reunited with a companion.  :D speaking of which. elder liedecker is training too! :DD im super excited for him. aha. but anyways. thats about all to report this week.

the card thing. just tell me what i gotta do and ill take care of it. ill be cautious sending a card in the mail though just to make sure. anyways! love ya mom. wish me luck with my kid! HAHAHA  :D