Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank you for sending that money it really helped!  And my new bike is pretty nice.   I’ll send my SD cards back home soon, but the ones he was going to sell me that were in my price range, were either too small or just not what i needed.  He randomly said i could buy one of the bikes i was really liking for a while. so i got excited and bought it.

   Since my last message we met a family of 4 that are very interesed in being baptized so im freaking JUICED!! haha.  We taught them the restoration and they came to church Sunday.  The kids come to almost every mutual activity before we even got there and the kids have come to church almost every week too.  The mom came for the first time yesterday and loved it.  We teach them again tomorrow night!!  So hopefully  you’ll hear about my first baptism in a month or so. :)) 
We also met this 20 yr old college student named Jade.  We taught her the restoration also and seemed to be very receptive too, we invited her to church, but she had to study and junk. 

   I love Kingman, AZ and today I’m gonna teach everyone how to play rugby, so we’ll see how that goes. Love you guys. :)


 OH! btw. can you send me a package with my black GIRO helmet, those black ray-bahn looking sunglasses i left behind and the brown ones in the case i got right before i left. unfortunately, i left my oakleys in my closet at the MTC, which im pretty mad about. but yah. also send those metal toe clips and straps on those bike pedals i left, and i think thats it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ryan with President and Sister Neider

Ryan and his first companion Elder VanBruggen from Canada


UGH!!!!!! YOUR SO LUCKY!!!!! I WANTED TO GO!!! i was like my parents are there right now.... freak! hahaha. BUT EVERYTHING IS great! my first area is in kingman, arizona. its super rich people with huge houses, and mostly drs and junk. but awesome families none the less, and very humble people too. I love the mission field so far. my companion is elder van bruggen, hes the ex AP and is leaving in a month. hes from alberta canada and does like motorcross and snowboards competitively. hes a beast. our area just got reopened and elder van bruggen and I are the first 2 elders to serve in it. so we dont have anyone to teach yet. but were working hard to get people! we live in our own house that a member owns and remodeled just for the missionaries to live in, its small, but perfect for us. our roomates are the Zone leaders of the area. im reading through the book of mormon and studying it like crazy. i knew it already, but i super suck with remembering where scriptures are, so this helps.
   NAN wrote me and she told me about going back to church, i read it as we were about to leave for our dorm hall at the MTC, i felt the spirit crazy strong for the first time, and knew that my prayers have been answered.
  OH!!!!!!!! and theres a samoan branch in the vegas mission and president neider said ill probably serve there after the sisters there now go home! crazy right!!! but i love it here, i wouldnt trade it for the world.
    Also, i went to get a bike, and they only had 5, 3 were already reserved, 1 was a girls bike, and the last one was too small. They also told me that there were a couple missionaries that left there bikes. I got here.... 1 was already taken by a new guy, and the other was in 10 pieces. we went to a bike shop here in kingman and the owner as a member. i asked how much it would cost to repair that bike, and its about 20 bucks less then buying a brand new one. so he quoted me a couple bikes, and the ones they had on hand or could order were around $700, but after my missionary and tithing discount he quoted me at $385. I was hoping you could transfer me about 300, because thats without tax or anything. We have a car, but our miles are limited, and once they are out well have to walk since im bikeless, and our area is huge! half of it is on the other side of the mountains, so its not too practical. and if we go over miles, they take away our car. so I was hoping that you could transfer me money. I wont be able to email you to see if it got sent, so ill be checking my balance for the next couple days. if you could asap, that would be awesome, because we wanna bike as much as we can to save our miles. and if you do, make sure you send it to the same account you transfered me money at the arport for food. thanks a lot mom.
   so yah! the mission field is awesome, im already a month out and loving it. I hope everything back home is going well, you stay in my prayers every night. and your right about uchtdorfs talk, hes a beast! "count your many blessings."

I love you all!!!!!


Kingman, Arizona....

"God be with you til' we meet again"