Thursday, December 29, 2011


December 19, 2011
well mother of mine. Im pleased to inform you that president has allowed us to skype home this christmas. :D I wasnt going to tell you, but then you said that your ok with me being away from home. so yah! plan on it. Im going to use the burgesses computer (family that fellowshipped kelly) and ill be getting on at about 730-745. we have church at 9 and we cant be late. so yah. Ill call you guys right before to confirm everything. Ill call you or dads cell phone. so... PICK UP THIS TIME!!!!! I get 45 minutes, but if elder roedel is cool he wont care. :P but he might. so well see. doesnt matter either way. 
ill regive you our address.
3944 E. Snavely Cir.
Kingman, Az 86409
and no, i didnt get the package from you yet. I got grandmas package but not anything from you.
For Christmas were planning on just skyping, church, hang out with the olsen family, the hambricks for a huge breakfast (gospel principles teacher), and the burgesses. so far. Elder Roedel and I made our christmas cards co youll get them soon. Just know and understand that everyone I showed it to loved it and thought it was the funniest thing ever. so yah. :) look forward to that.
the jacksons baptism was saturday and it went awesome!!!!! I baptised 2 and so did roedel. Then I confirmed 1 and Roedel 2 and then Bro. Olsen 1. It was great. Ill attach pictures. The members love us here. They see how retarded we are and then they see us baptize 5 people in a week and a half. So its the best of both worlds. We tripled the ward baptisms for 2011. haha. We have another one coming up in january for an 8 yr old whos family are non members, and were hoping to set a family of 4 today for baptism at the end of january. We feel good about it, they already love the ward and call themselves mormon. so yah. No one in our house got transferred so well all be together for another 6 weeks. I love it here.
Thats awesome about the family Ill be looking forward to meeting them. St. George is right outside our mission. One of the areas is actually in the St. George temple district. So yah. Speaking of temples. Kelly is getting her patriartichal blessing soon and then a temporary temple recommend for baptisms for the dead in january. Does that blow your mind!!!!! Best part is, Elder Roedel has a family he baptized a year ago getting ready to be sealed so I might be able to go with him. If so, hell go to the sealing and Ill go with Sis. Burgess, Kelly, and another lady in our ward and do baptisms for the dead with them. :))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited. hahaha. Shes awesome. SO Im even more excited about that. 
Everythings still going great and getting even better. Love you guys!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!
Elder Ryan Nonu

Monday, December 12, 2011

 Elder Roedel (Ryan's companion), Kelly (this was her baptism), Elder Nonu and Elder Van Bruggen (Canada, he has since gone home).

Elder Nonu, Kingman AZ

Kelly's baptism.  Ryan and Elder Van Bruggen taught her and
were so excited that she got baptized!!!

December 12, 2011

Kellys baptism was saturday and t was awesome! the whole time she was crying, i just kept trying to make her laugh, it pretty much worked. haha. She asked me to confirm her which was really cool. She said thank you probably 50 times. haha. FORMER Elder Van Bruggen (aka "Blaine") came down and baptized her which was awesome. She was so happy all day. The Jackson family is getting baptized this saturday. were crazy excited about it. Bro. Jackson has been reading the scriptures every day and is now in 2nd Nephi. Hes Awesome! Theyre all awesome. After that, we dont have a baptism until the 14th of january (so far!) Everyone else were teaching isnt as solid, but they are definately people that can get to that point.
We went to our ward christmas party too. it was "hodown" themed and elder roedel has cowboy hats from serving in elko, so we wore them, everyone thought it was funny. we came home with 10 pans full of meat and food. I wont need to grocery shop for a couple weeks. haha. Im glad they liked my talk though. Ronnie told me probably 5 times how great it was. haha. im like, its only because no one would say it. haha.
I WISH we could go to the temple here. Every zone goes once every transfer, except for the ones out of the vegas valley. Thats lame, but Kellys already talking about doing baptisms for the dead soon, so thats really cool. In a year well get to go with her and the jacksons to the temple. :) Cant wait for that!
Ill make sure to call you guys early though. Send the package to the Snavely adress. If it gets sent to the mission home ill get it like a week and a half later. Karlie sent me a letter last monday and i still havent gotten it because i think she sent it to the mission office. lame...
Ill give the Olsens your numbers and im sure theyll call you some time soon. Theyll be there jan. 6th. so that should be fun.
Anyways, Love you guys!!!!!
ps: I attached baptism pictures and a bunch of random ones we took on the way to dinner at a mansion in the mountains. :)
Elder Ryan Nonu

Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Everythings been awesome. Thanksgiving was fun we had it at 2 peoples houses. It was going to be 3 but we spent like 5 hours at our first members house. we played cards, ate a crap load of food and she sent us home with 5 different home made pies. :DD yah!!!!
We spoke in sacrament yesterday. it went really well. everyone liked our talks. I read that story, about the missionary that "FOUND HIS FRIEND" I looked in the crowd and like 10 moms were crying. 5 came up to me. "i loved that story Elder Nonu." We went to the Burgesses house (my home away from home) and the first thing she does is throw a dish rag at my face and goes "You know your not supposed to make me cry Elder Nonu!!" HAHAHAHAH. it was funny. :P btw, one of the other families ive gotten close with are going to provo in a couple weeks and they want to meet you guys. Usually id think its wierd BUT! there lyour guys age and awesome, and Ive told sister Olsen (thats their name) "you and my mom would be good friends." haha. So yah, You guys should go out to dinner or something one night when theyre there. Brother Olsen said he "wants to tell you how good im doing". im like... oh my gosh. sure..... haha.
Oh yah! also, Brother Olsen is a foot doctor and he told me that this morning because i was in his office for an xray, and guess what? I BROKE MY TOE!!! :D pretty cool right?? hahaha. Me and Elder Roedel were wrestling and I kicked my foot back and kicked the ground, I heard a loud pop and havent been able to walk normal since. Since Im from california i just make everyone believe its my pmp walk. just kidding. but yah, its fine though, i can walk on it and he said ill be fine in a week. He put a little splint cast on it and im walking fine. The Zone Leaders gave us extra miles so we can drive and not walk so much. So yah, no worries. :) So yah, you guys should hang out, i think itd be fun. :P is it cool if i give them your number and junk? if not, ill do it anyways cause then you guys can have more friends. :D
Kelly is getting baptised on the 10th , Elder Van Bruggen is coming back from canada land to baptise her, so im stoked for that. and then the jacksons (family of 4) are getting baptised the weekend after on the 17th. so yah. 5 people in the next 3 weeks!!! ill send pictures after everything. it should be good. other then that, all other people are just a bit slower but still going strong.
oh and I thought of a couple things i wanted for Christmas also.
-military scripture set (ask bishop)
-pants,short and long sleeve shirts (2 or 3 each?) from missionary mall (mm)
-more socks from mm
-music! polynesian music or acapella groups CDs (mission appropriate)
    If there speaking samoan or something then just as long as its calm stuff, no j-boog (keana) so yah, just burn a couple CDs, I cant stand my companions crap, im giving him culture now.
-A giant samoan flag (we have a flag pole at our house and I wanna fly it on there, or just hang it on my wall.) :)
and thats basically it. oh! and my sunglasses I left there and my rubber watch i got in disneyland (i need something durable)
anyways. Love you guys. Hope all is well. Ill tell the Olsens you cant wait to meet them. hahaha.
Love ya,
Elder Nonu

November 14, 2011

(i wrote this before i read the second email)
hey mom,

I called Ronnie.  She was really excited that I called. It was good to hear her voice. President Nieder is awesome too, i thanked him and told him that ronnie thanked him also. haha. He just laughed and said your welcome. I love president and sister nieder, theyre awesome. One of the members were close to (the burgess family)  told us about that also. Her sons on a mission in Michigan and has only been out 7 months, so she started freaking out. Im like you and my mom would be best friends. she goes REALLY? haha. but i havent been biking much lately. were mostly in our car. Whenever we are on bike though we wear helmets and Sis. Burgess yells at me if I have the strap unbuckled when im walking to my bike. haha. shes awesome. We really only biked the first 3 weeks i was hear and it stayed lit longer also, but ill go do that. I do have a helmet, but its a piece of crap falling apart from walmart, i know mine is a really good helmet thats basically new and will last the mission. Thanks for the money also, i bought a couple long sleeve shirts and extra clothes at ross because i blew out both my suit pants and a pair of regular pants within the first couple weeks. haha. :D i got 3 new suits though! 1 from a missionary that didnt need it and 1 from a missionary that i havent given back to. :D haha!! and a 3rd one from a member that it didnt fit so he gave me a ralph lauren suit for free. haha. great success!! i love members! and then our dinner calendar coordinator bought me a new pair of suit pants for my grey suit and then sewed up my other one. now i have 5 suits i got in a month. sick right? :))))

Ive taught sunday school 3 times since ive been here and twice to elders and high priests combined. so, maybe its just a family thing. and, id love to write her too, but i need an email, actually nevermind, ill write a letter home this week. sound good? k good.

the work here is picking up. My new companion is Elder Roedel. hes a ginger from florida and georgia but with a utah accent. He plays in a screamo rock band in provo and he and his band all turned down a record deal with a label, all to go serve missions. crazy right?? at first, i didnt like him probably because i was freaking out cause i had to do all the planning and direct him around the area. but the work here is picking up like crazy! We reset our family of 4 for baptism on december 17th. Their 11 year old daughter came home from a young women activity and tells her mom she wants to be mormon, and when can she be mormon?? we go to teach our lesson last night and she raises her hand and asks when there gonna be baptised. were like..... uh.... ok? nows good. just kidding. haha. so we talked about testimony, faith, and how we have to have the spirit to know these things are true. it was an awesome lesson. Our 20 year old on the other hand whos baptism was coming up is going south. Her parents have had bad influences and theyre telling her to stop. So were going to set up something and rebuke her. just kidding. haha. but seriously. well work it out. we also had a group of 3 women who live together and all have kids and were fighting over who got to read the book of mormon first. hahahaa. which was funny.

all in all I still love what im doing and its only getting better. :)

Love you guys!

Elder Ryan Nonu
ps: im sad but im more happy than anything. Elder Roedel and I are giving talks in 2 weeks. Now, I know who Ill talk about.  Ronnie!!!  Thanks Mom, Love you.

November 7, 2011

Hello family,

My zone leader here just got transfered to be zone leader in elko
today, so if he sees an elder dixon then hell know me. haha. but elder
van bruggen left last night, hes at the mission home and leaves
wednesday morning. im goning to transfer conference on tuesday and ill
get my companion then.

the college girl dropped, but thats ok, and our family of 4 isnt
progressing right now, but were setting something up this week and
well get them in gear. but our investigator thats doing awesome is
kelly, shes in elko right now actually, shes like 20 and weve had like
6 lessons with her and shes set for the 26th. Elder Van Bruggen is
going to try and come down for that, so thats exciting. were really
happy for her. i didnt get to ride in a helicopter after all, but
thats alright, we taught a lesson to kelly that day i think, and thats
when we set her for baptism. so yah! everythings going really well.

it actually snowed here too! it was so wierd! i woke up, and i look
outside, im like "oh, lots of frost." everyones like. dude... thats
snow. i go.... oh.... IM FROM CALIFORNIA! I dont know what the crap
snow looks like when i wake up. but yah, ill try and send pictures of
everything. each "transfer" is 6 weeks long. that means every 6 weeks,
you potentially could move somewhere in the mission. so my first
transfer is down. :D now ill look forward to thanksgiving in kingman.
btw, its freezing here! about 40-50 every day for the past week or so.

for christmas, i want a new suit really, and more slacks. preferably
dockers (more durable) or go to missionary mall, i blew out both my
suit pants. but a member bought me a new pair for my calvin klein and
another just gave me a ralph lauren they had. so yah. pretty friggin
sweet man. :)

anyways. everythings awesome here! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

elder nonu

"god be with you til we meet again."

October 31st, 2011

hey mom glad everything is going well. Im gonna be staying in kingman for at least 6 more weeks. President said Ill probably end up serving in the samoan branch in vegas which goes all the way to the west mission where reno is. I get to learn samoan too as part of my study. So hopefully that blessing will come true. Our investigators are doing great. The family were teaching got back from a hunting trip and well probably teach them this week. Kelly, the 20 yr old were teaching, is doing AWESOME!! weve taught her 5 times and we set her for baptism last night for the 26th of november. were excited. Van bruggen leaves on the 8th, im kind of sad about it, and hes freaking out because hes scared to go home, but i help him as much as I can. Ill get a new companion next tuesday, so im excited to see who it is. hopefully its not some goober i have to slap every 5 seconds. well see.
Tonight our mission president doesnt want us going out on halloween so were going to a members home and watchiung 17 miracles in their theatre room (rich people man) so were all excited. Were going on a hike today also up the mountain here, im gonna try to send pictures home this week also. btw, you have wierd dreams homes.
paanes a boss for that, im sure shes pretty and theyll have little islander babies running around by the time i get back. when the freak is james gonna pull the trigger on that one?? his gf is pretty so yah, get on it dang. just kidding, but still... :) no, i havent heard from anyone else, im too busy/lazy to write any letters. i just come home plan and then snooze. except for last night we played fooseball on the table we got from a member (sick members!!) until midnight and then fell asleep in the new la-z-boy we got (sick members!!!) at 2am. so it was a good night. :)
the bike is awesome, im broke another missionaries bike the other day (mine was at our old house) and broke the crank arms off. he said "crap nonu! your freaking samoan legs are too much for it!!" so im letting him borrow mine since we have a car. So im gonna go buy a tool and get him a new one off an old bike.
anyways. everythings awesome in kingman, i love it here. love you guys!!!!!
Elder Nonu. :)

October 24th, 2011

Hi Mom,
Im still having a blast but the work is flippin slow! the family we have set has been gone for a week and half for a hunting trip. I was on exchanges with another elder and my companion went to their house when they got home and the husband was just home and we can tell hes just not into it. he hasnt read he hasnt been to church, so we have to push back their baptismal date. we also were teaching that college student girl and i called her and she dropped us, so whatever. but not all is lost. Were teaching another 20 yr old girl. Her names Kelly and shes awesome! weve taught 2 lessons to her and shes really receptive to it. Weve been teaching her at a members home and that family feels like my family. Theyre so cool! even though its a little bumpy, im not discouraged at all. just leaves more room for us to focus on people that want to learn. Ill try to send some pictures this week. perfect since grandmas there.
We had Elder Jensen of the 70 speak in Vegas this week at a fireside and a zone conference. He talked about how to gain a testimony and what to base it on and our conference was all about faith and whether were fully converted as members of the church. It BLEW MY DOMEPIECE!! Our mission president and his wife are awesome. There so nice and inviting, and hes always trying to talk to us as much as he can. Elder Van Bruggen is awesome too. Its gonna be sad to see him leave in 2 weeks, but thats ok.
His last sunday is a fast sunday and hes trying to speak at the supai ward, which is on an indian reservation at the bottom of a canyon. "how are you gonna get there?" you might ask... well the only way is either hike for 4 hours and 4 hours back up OR take a helicopter. Guess which one we chose..... thats right....
anyways. I love being an Elder, obviously. Im having so much fun. The days seem like hours and the weeks seem like minutes. yah.... its that fast.
Love you guys,
Elder Ryan Nonu
"God be with you til' we meet again"

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank you for sending that money it really helped!  And my new bike is pretty nice.   I’ll send my SD cards back home soon, but the ones he was going to sell me that were in my price range, were either too small or just not what i needed.  He randomly said i could buy one of the bikes i was really liking for a while. so i got excited and bought it.

   Since my last message we met a family of 4 that are very interesed in being baptized so im freaking JUICED!! haha.  We taught them the restoration and they came to church Sunday.  The kids come to almost every mutual activity before we even got there and the kids have come to church almost every week too.  The mom came for the first time yesterday and loved it.  We teach them again tomorrow night!!  So hopefully  you’ll hear about my first baptism in a month or so. :)) 
We also met this 20 yr old college student named Jade.  We taught her the restoration also and seemed to be very receptive too, we invited her to church, but she had to study and junk. 

   I love Kingman, AZ and today I’m gonna teach everyone how to play rugby, so we’ll see how that goes. Love you guys. :)


 OH! btw. can you send me a package with my black GIRO helmet, those black ray-bahn looking sunglasses i left behind and the brown ones in the case i got right before i left. unfortunately, i left my oakleys in my closet at the MTC, which im pretty mad about. but yah. also send those metal toe clips and straps on those bike pedals i left, and i think thats it.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Ryan with President and Sister Neider

Ryan and his first companion Elder VanBruggen from Canada


UGH!!!!!! YOUR SO LUCKY!!!!! I WANTED TO GO!!! i was like my parents are there right now.... freak! hahaha. BUT EVERYTHING IS great! my first area is in kingman, arizona. its super rich people with huge houses, and mostly drs and junk. but awesome families none the less, and very humble people too. I love the mission field so far. my companion is elder van bruggen, hes the ex AP and is leaving in a month. hes from alberta canada and does like motorcross and snowboards competitively. hes a beast. our area just got reopened and elder van bruggen and I are the first 2 elders to serve in it. so we dont have anyone to teach yet. but were working hard to get people! we live in our own house that a member owns and remodeled just for the missionaries to live in, its small, but perfect for us. our roomates are the Zone leaders of the area. im reading through the book of mormon and studying it like crazy. i knew it already, but i super suck with remembering where scriptures are, so this helps.
   NAN wrote me and she told me about going back to church, i read it as we were about to leave for our dorm hall at the MTC, i felt the spirit crazy strong for the first time, and knew that my prayers have been answered.
  OH!!!!!!!! and theres a samoan branch in the vegas mission and president neider said ill probably serve there after the sisters there now go home! crazy right!!! but i love it here, i wouldnt trade it for the world.
    Also, i went to get a bike, and they only had 5, 3 were already reserved, 1 was a girls bike, and the last one was too small. They also told me that there were a couple missionaries that left there bikes. I got here.... 1 was already taken by a new guy, and the other was in 10 pieces. we went to a bike shop here in kingman and the owner as a member. i asked how much it would cost to repair that bike, and its about 20 bucks less then buying a brand new one. so he quoted me a couple bikes, and the ones they had on hand or could order were around $700, but after my missionary and tithing discount he quoted me at $385. I was hoping you could transfer me about 300, because thats without tax or anything. We have a car, but our miles are limited, and once they are out well have to walk since im bikeless, and our area is huge! half of it is on the other side of the mountains, so its not too practical. and if we go over miles, they take away our car. so I was hoping that you could transfer me money. I wont be able to email you to see if it got sent, so ill be checking my balance for the next couple days. if you could asap, that would be awesome, because we wanna bike as much as we can to save our miles. and if you do, make sure you send it to the same account you transfered me money at the arport for food. thanks a lot mom.
   so yah! the mission field is awesome, im already a month out and loving it. I hope everything back home is going well, you stay in my prayers every night. and your right about uchtdorfs talk, hes a beast! "count your many blessings."

I love you all!!!!!


Kingman, Arizona....

"God be with you til' we meet again"

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

haha. Nah thats cool, i figured youd start scrap booking or something like that. That's what I put up the blog for. I got a couple letters from grandma, but were so busy here that we never have time to ourselves. Basically a typical day here is wake up at 6:30 breakfast at 7-7:30, then usually class for 3 hours, then we have TRC, which is when they give us a different "investigator" every time and we go in and talk to them and teach them, usually the restoration which my companion and I know like the back of our hands now. Thats a sactown elder for you. especially when you have 2 as companions. After that is usually Lunch. then either class again or gym. classes are always 3 hours, then well have TRC again, and then dinner, after that if we only had 1 class session before then class again, TRC, gym, or Zone teaching (class with our zone) or District teaching (class with our district) and after that its personal, or companion study, where we plan lessons for investigators, read scripture, or study alone for our investigators. then sleepy time at 10:30. Then we wake up and do it all over again. Sundays are awesome though. study time after breakfast. then priesthood session, and after lunch is sacrament meeting. were singing "ye elders of israel" next week as a district. even though were not very good, the spirit will fix the congregations ears to make us sound good, at least I hope so. -___- haha! anyways. Tuesdays are even better. its P-DAY!!! and after laundry and all that good stuff is done, we have divotional at night, last week we had m. russel ballard, and the week before we got here they had jeffery R. hollard speak. which im mad about because hes my favorite apostle and speaker (no! i dont care if i have a favorite) maybe bednar would speak thatd be so COO! haha. and we also go to the temple for a session. provo temple is kinda wierd though, cause you never move rooms, seems to go by faster that way. but these 2 weeks have felt like 2 months, it goes by so fast, but you learn so much it feels like forever. Were all ready to meet our companions get our bikes and friggin teach some people. but its ok, im enjoying the time we have here. my teachers are awesome, were growing every day, and Im loving every second. I had a dream last night that i woke up from being asleep and i only had 2 months left, but then i really woke up and im like.... oh. -___- haha. but yah. gym is one of the best parts of the day. im not sure if everyones really bad at sports or if im just really good, cause im really good at soccer and basketball. probably cause everyones not the most athletic. but thats ok. The deutsch guys we eat lunch with every day wanna play rugby just as bad, but were not aloud to bring our own balls out. which sucks. Its crazy how many people you meet, and most of the guys we talk to are from europe or someone else. the other day i met a guy from hawaii that went to byu hawaii and hes so cool. luckily we meet so many different elders its easier to stay away from the sisters. haha. even if they are cute. The foods on and off, some good some crap. whoever tells you otherwise was just desperate and are starving. like..... elders from africa. (no offense) me and elder leidecker already made plans to hang out back in sacramento and search for our eternal companions in the process, haha. kidding. that happens when were playing rugby at BYU. we met a couple elders that went there before and a couple sisters too, they all loved it there, so its in my back pocket. so Ive gotta decide whether to be a cougar or a duck within the next 2 years. haha. anyways. 2 weeks down and moving on at full speed. I love it! love you guys tell everyone i have them in my prayers, and tell jason he especially is too. tell them all to write me and let me know  how there all doing. love youg guys!!!
las vages, nevada
ps. probably a good idea to start mailing to my vegas address. and if you guys could send me a care package asap with meat buns, nerds, clif bars, boston baked beans, and other crap you think id like. also, my ruinning shoes i brought are giving me fat blisters and are terrible for what we play. if you could send me some new ones Id love you dearly. preferably like indoor soccer shoes (lots of soccer and rugby when we get out in the field) nike outlet hit it up. but other then that im good. maybe some extra b-ball shors, cause i run out before laundry day. OH!!! and garments please!! im broke here and i need extra. like 5 tops and bottoms. large tall tops, and XL short bottoms. you know what material i have. anyways. k bye!
hey mom, yah I got your letters and it was good to read. The MTC is an amazing place and the spirits crazy strong. The sisters are hecka pretty............. strong daughters of God too.  I love my companion too. If you didnt get my letter yet, hes from sacramento and serving in vegas too. crazy right?! anyways, I hope everyones doing fine and doesnt miss me. Tell Grandma I love her and say hello. Our schedules are so crazy and busy though its hard to keep track of what to do next and find time to study for our investagtors. non stop 16 hour days arent the most fun, but they are SOOOOO FUN! if that makes sense. haha. I LOVE every second here. even though its a little stressful when your investigator teaching doesnt go so well. but thats ok, I see it as opportunity to grow. One of my roomates last night, not my companion, kept complaining about how he didnt have a "connection" with one of the people they were teaching. He felt a connection with every other person but this one. And how much he didnt feel the spirit. Ironically our lesson about 20 mins. before that was on stress relief and that morning on TEACHING THE PERSON not the lesson. Honestly, it was probably the most Ive wanted to punch someone acting like a whiny baby in my whole life. Alas, I kept my fist to my side and told him to humble himself. The spirit was telling me to not be violent or Ill get to see my parents really soon. so yah. Of course were not going to "connect" with every person we meet, but then you have to ask yourself if its the person that were trying to help, or is it the Elder that needs to be humbled and address his attitude. Ive come to realize this morning that the reason I got so angry is because I love these Elders so much, they all felt like family the first day here. We grow closer and closer every day. And, so far, I dont miss you guys. sounds bad, but trust me! ITS GOOD. Its like I have a campus full of long lost brothers. I just want all of us to progress so quickly, but I know its a process. Im really nervous to get out into the field because of the heat, mostly, and because soon it will be REAL people and not "actors". That will be fun. Ive also noticed a change in myself throughout the MTC. I had a good friend on my mind a lot since I walked in. Hoping that they will make good choices and stay on the right track, and I probably spent a good 5 minutes each night, praying just for them. Every time I thought about them I got a sick feeling in my stomach like something was wrong. After the 3rd day or so, I kept thinking about them and hoping there being the best person I know I could, and suddenly, I didnt get that feeling anymore. I felt at peace, which was wierd. But its just a growth of my testimony that if you lose yourself in the work, the HG will take care of you and those people will be put behind you, and you wont care so much to feel sick about them. I still pray for my friend every day because I see the amazing potential that they hold, and rarely do I see someone with that potential and be able to spread it around, like I know they can. But I know that you can only do so much, and those people have to take the time to dig down and change for themselves... on their own time. Which is the same for my roomate, my friend, and even myself. I love you guys so much, but I know youll be there when I get back, even if some of those people Ive come to know and love arent around, Ill continue to pray and hope theyre striving to choose the right for themselves.
I love you guys,
Las Vegas, Nevada Mission

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hello MTC, Goodbye Saratoga Springs

These past few months have been amazing. Surrounding myself with great friends, family, new families, and new close friends, and new state, has been an amazing blessing in itself. Tomorrow I'll e reporting to the Provo MTC and am as anxious as one can get. Ive appreciated all of the support I've been given, it has meant the world to me, and without that support I wouldn't be as prepared as I am now. Thanks everyone so much, I love you all. May the spirit be with you always.

My MTC mailing address:

MTC Mailbox #173
NV-LV 0927
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793

And my email:

See you all sooner then later...