Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

Ryan and his companion baptise Ashley

thats crazy. So sorry to hear about Gordon passing away.
 but yah. tuesday is transfers and elder zelenski is leaving. -__- im staying right here. i dont know if im going to the other mission or not, time will only tell. hopefully i get someone cool. i always worry about having a lame companion. but well see. my bike has been breaking almost weekly now. ive had to replace 7 spokes now and its ticking me off. i dont know why either. So im trying to find a bike shop that will have what im looking for and trade also. but well see what happens. ill let you know.
I did not get any package from the YW yet. thats really nice of them though. :) i appreciate it. transfer week we get mail at transfers on tuesday. elder roedel and his companion are both getting transferred out of my first area. The area died after i left, im not saying thats because i left, but theyve been messing around and playing for six weeks. but what else is new.
OH!!!! :D the jacksons went to the temple saturday with the kids and did baptisms for the dead for 6 generations of her and her husbands family. i was sooo mad because they already had the olsens coming down with them and prez said i couldnt go if someone was already going with them. i guess its more of a support thing if we go. im so excited for them though.
oh yah, almost forgot. we had a baptism saturday for a 16 yr old girl named ashley.  we had a lesson with her monday night and she said she wanted to get baptised. so elder zelenski said we could do it that weekend.  :D
mike is our other investigator thats super awesome and hes been progressing like crazy. hes so close, but waiting for something huge to happen. im thinking hell take the plunge soon. well see though. :)
 but everything else is going good. your all in my prayers. love ya!

Monday, March 5, 2012


From: <>
Date: Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 8:13 AM
Subject: Mission Division

Elder Nonu,


The First Presidency announced this last weekend the creation of the new Nevada Reno Mission.  In the process  of forming the new mission, our mission boundaries will be changed.  This inspired change has come about because of progress in real growth which is the result of your efforts, and the efforts of leaders and members of the Church in Nevada.  This is a compliment to you and missionaries with whom you have served, because the changes are required because of the progress and growth of the Church.

On July 1, 2012 the Elko West, Elko East and Ely Stakes will become a part of the new Nevada Reno Mission, and the Mesquite, Logandale and Panaca Stakes will become a part of the Nevada Las Vegas West Mission.  The missionaries serving in those zones on July 1, 2012, Elko and Mesquite, will also be transferred to the same missions.  We are sad to think of transferring any of our missionaries.

Our mission will be required to provide 4 new zone leaders and 1 assistant.  No missionaries will be transferred from the mission who have already had 2 mission presidents.

As is the case with all transfers, the missionaries will be selected as a matter of prayer and inspiration.


When performing temple ordinances, full time single missionaries may not serve as a husband or wife proxy for sealing ordinances, but may serve as a child proxy.

Single full time elders may not officiate in or perform baptismal or confirmation ordinances for female patrons, and may not participate in any baptismal or confirmation ordinances at any time when female patrons, including sister missionaries, are in the baptismal font or in the confirmation ordinance rooms.

Missionaries may participate in all other ordinances.

Sister Neider and I love you,

President Neider


Nevada Reno
The Nevada Reno Mission is being created from a realignment of the Nevada Las Vegas and Nevada Las Vegas West missions.

MARCH 5, 2012

i just got the package today. i love everything.
good to hear about your class though, im sure they appreciate the treats. im sure their parents do too. ha
thanks for putting the money in my account too. honestly not a whole lot has gone on this week. no cool stories or anything. I guess its just normal life now. aha. the only thing is actually pretty big. ill send the email from president to you guys also, but our mission is getting split up. Theres going to be the reno nevada mission now. you can go on lds church news and look up new missions and you can see a map. but theres a chance that i might be sent to the reno mission and serve the rest of my time there. id be really close to home now. haha. its a really big deal. i guess the work in nevada is growing a lot so they need 3 missions now. we lost most of our mission. we basically just have part of vegas and then the south of our mission from there. so yah. crazy. other than that nothings going on really. same things as every week. transfers are coming up in a week i hit 6 months on the 7th and i really hop e i keep my companion as is.
love ya!!!