Monday, January 30, 2012

January 23, 2011

yah. i heard from a couple of the members. they all know im a patriots fan, so that was good. im crazy excited. but SO MAD i cant watch! The ducks win the rose bowl and now the pats are going to win the super bowl. bleh. oh well. JP and I have a bet that if we win the super bowl this year he owes me 50 bucks, and if the 9ers had won i owe him. Who knew itd be this close though. haha. good stuff though.
i do need shirts though. I had to bike in another area for a couple days and they just get drenched with sweat and i changed 3 times. I almost didnt have any left. I wear a 17 1/2 though. If you could send a long sleeve too thatd be good. I only have one and its changing colors. haha. but yah. if you do send a package than id send it to the mission office adress, because i might be getting transfered on the 31st and dont think itll get here in time. let everyone else know that too. but yah. thanks mom
love ya!
Elder Nonu

January 16, 2012

we have a baptism in 2 weeks for the mcaroon family. its a mom, grandma, and two boys. 16 and 14. the 14 yr old has a form of cancer, which gives him a lot of health problem, he cant talk very well and he gets tired very easily, he also has had a lot of surgery in his neck so its tough for him to support his own weight. But for his baptism were going to put his shower chair in the font and then have about 3-4 of us support his neck and head into the water. it should be really cool. were really excited.
Transfers is in about 2 weeks and im thinking ill be leaving. I hope not, but its a good chance. I told the burgesses (the ones that i skyped at) and kelly was there and her and sis burgess started freaking out. haha. so yah. Bro Olsen is also a BALLER! we went to his house yesterday and he told us about a lot of things hes doing. he has several company he owns or is a part of. basically, he has 12 kids and his wife is a stay at home mom, so yah. theyre loaded. but anyways! hes super humble and stuff, but hes giving up almost all of them because he said it takes away from his family and church. were like... dang son. then he hugged us and said were the best missionaries hes ever met.  that was pretty humbling. 
anyways. thats the kingman update. stay classy. love ya!! 
Elder Nonu
ps: i finally sent my christmas card. :) i sent nans to our house also..

oh yah! i got the sweatshirt. and it is SIIIIICK!!!! we play football very friday with the young men in or wards and bring investigators and stuff and i wore it there. so yah. thank you!! GO DUCKS!!

January 9, 2012

btw, i have not gotten the package yet, and a member said he was going to have the game on at his house so i went on an exchange for the night with another elder. i didnt wanna break the rules, so yah. i didnt go. aha. ive come to the realization that im addicted to football. oh well. we started a friday night football game with the young men, so thats good. :) thanks!!!
thanks for the adresses, ill prob just send nans to our house.
Everything here is still going well. Timmy (8 year old) that were teaching has to get his date moved back a week because his families less active and never come to church. they have to come 3 times WHICH WE TELL THEM A LOT! and they didnt come sunday, so we have to move it. They flaked out on our lesson satrday and elder roedel and i wanna punt him into the next county. I HATE THIS LITTLE DEMON BABY!!!! he snagged roedels scripture case from him and started getting rough with his book of mormon, i thought roedel was gonna kill him. he sat down next to me with it, so i snagged it out of his hands and closed it then hit him over the head with it pretty hard, then he started crying. i wanted to laugh so badly! he goes "grandma! he hit me with it!" shes like "timmy, the elders would never hit children, go play with your cars" im like, thats right lucifer, get thee hance... so yah, im good with kids. The other little kids are awesome though. sad thing is theyre 5 and better behaved than him! all the kids are like mommy! or daddy! theres a missionary standing right next to me. hahah. its cute. The olsens 5 year old daughter calls me her favorite. haha. its funny. The family were trying to baptize has to get their date moved back a week also. theyve been sick and their son has really bad health so we have to move it back. Itll be fine though, well try to squeeze it in right before the transfer ends, im thinking im going to leave this time though. im kind of ready to go though, i wanna see what else is out there. so yah.
anyways. all is well, love ya!
Elder RyNo

January 2, 2012

TALOFA FAMILY!!! thats all i got i havent learned anything... 

ANYWAYS! its been fun here still. Glad everyones having a good time over there. I miss everyone and sac. Not TOO much though. I love this ward too much. I miss my HOME ward like crazy though... btw, Elder Roedel and I made an awesome christmas card and i need everyones adress. 

ericka, jason, vicki, sherri, and nan. Its late, but its well worth the wait... trust me. Im going to send yours in the next couple days, i just havent had time to buy stamps, the post office across the street from us only takes cash and i never carry enough to buy as many as i need. but anyways. 
Glad keanas doing well also. I guess when you have  about 8-9 months left they tell you to start applying for schools and getting into college and stuff. so thats good. I have no idea what im going to do, but ill do something. Im not worrying about it too much. But i catch myself drawing landscape layouts and floor plans during my personal study time. so hopefully that will pass and ill get my crap together before its time to come home. Freaky to think ive already been out for 4 months and patrick is coming up on his year mark and my 6 month. HOLY CRAP! it goes by crazy fast. Transfers are at the end of the month and were all thinking ill probably go. That would suck, but its ok. wierd to think but I think the spirit is slowly telling me to start preparing most of our investigators for the next missionary, so im working hard toward that. 

other then that, everything is going good. I love it still and dont see that changing any time soon. 

Love ya!! 

Elder RyNo