Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank you for sending that money it really helped!  And my new bike is pretty nice.   I’ll send my SD cards back home soon, but the ones he was going to sell me that were in my price range, were either too small or just not what i needed.  He randomly said i could buy one of the bikes i was really liking for a while. so i got excited and bought it.

   Since my last message we met a family of 4 that are very interesed in being baptized so im freaking JUICED!! haha.  We taught them the restoration and they came to church Sunday.  The kids come to almost every mutual activity before we even got there and the kids have come to church almost every week too.  The mom came for the first time yesterday and loved it.  We teach them again tomorrow night!!  So hopefully  you’ll hear about my first baptism in a month or so. :)) 
We also met this 20 yr old college student named Jade.  We taught her the restoration also and seemed to be very receptive too, we invited her to church, but she had to study and junk. 

   I love Kingman, AZ and today I’m gonna teach everyone how to play rugby, so we’ll see how that goes. Love you guys. :)


 OH! btw. can you send me a package with my black GIRO helmet, those black ray-bahn looking sunglasses i left behind and the brown ones in the case i got right before i left. unfortunately, i left my oakleys in my closet at the MTC, which im pretty mad about. but yah. also send those metal toe clips and straps on those bike pedals i left, and i think thats it.

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