Monday, November 28, 2011

October 24th, 2011

Hi Mom,
Im still having a blast but the work is flippin slow! the family we have set has been gone for a week and half for a hunting trip. I was on exchanges with another elder and my companion went to their house when they got home and the husband was just home and we can tell hes just not into it. he hasnt read he hasnt been to church, so we have to push back their baptismal date. we also were teaching that college student girl and i called her and she dropped us, so whatever. but not all is lost. Were teaching another 20 yr old girl. Her names Kelly and shes awesome! weve taught 2 lessons to her and shes really receptive to it. Weve been teaching her at a members home and that family feels like my family. Theyre so cool! even though its a little bumpy, im not discouraged at all. just leaves more room for us to focus on people that want to learn. Ill try to send some pictures this week. perfect since grandmas there.
We had Elder Jensen of the 70 speak in Vegas this week at a fireside and a zone conference. He talked about how to gain a testimony and what to base it on and our conference was all about faith and whether were fully converted as members of the church. It BLEW MY DOMEPIECE!! Our mission president and his wife are awesome. There so nice and inviting, and hes always trying to talk to us as much as he can. Elder Van Bruggen is awesome too. Its gonna be sad to see him leave in 2 weeks, but thats ok.
His last sunday is a fast sunday and hes trying to speak at the supai ward, which is on an indian reservation at the bottom of a canyon. "how are you gonna get there?" you might ask... well the only way is either hike for 4 hours and 4 hours back up OR take a helicopter. Guess which one we chose..... thats right....
anyways. I love being an Elder, obviously. Im having so much fun. The days seem like hours and the weeks seem like minutes. yah.... its that fast.
Love you guys,
Elder Ryan Nonu
"God be with you til' we meet again"

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