Thursday, December 29, 2011


December 19, 2011
well mother of mine. Im pleased to inform you that president has allowed us to skype home this christmas. :D I wasnt going to tell you, but then you said that your ok with me being away from home. so yah! plan on it. Im going to use the burgesses computer (family that fellowshipped kelly) and ill be getting on at about 730-745. we have church at 9 and we cant be late. so yah. Ill call you guys right before to confirm everything. Ill call you or dads cell phone. so... PICK UP THIS TIME!!!!! I get 45 minutes, but if elder roedel is cool he wont care. :P but he might. so well see. doesnt matter either way. 
ill regive you our address.
3944 E. Snavely Cir.
Kingman, Az 86409
and no, i didnt get the package from you yet. I got grandmas package but not anything from you.
For Christmas were planning on just skyping, church, hang out with the olsen family, the hambricks for a huge breakfast (gospel principles teacher), and the burgesses. so far. Elder Roedel and I made our christmas cards co youll get them soon. Just know and understand that everyone I showed it to loved it and thought it was the funniest thing ever. so yah. :) look forward to that.
the jacksons baptism was saturday and it went awesome!!!!! I baptised 2 and so did roedel. Then I confirmed 1 and Roedel 2 and then Bro. Olsen 1. It was great. Ill attach pictures. The members love us here. They see how retarded we are and then they see us baptize 5 people in a week and a half. So its the best of both worlds. We tripled the ward baptisms for 2011. haha. We have another one coming up in january for an 8 yr old whos family are non members, and were hoping to set a family of 4 today for baptism at the end of january. We feel good about it, they already love the ward and call themselves mormon. so yah. No one in our house got transferred so well all be together for another 6 weeks. I love it here.
Thats awesome about the family Ill be looking forward to meeting them. St. George is right outside our mission. One of the areas is actually in the St. George temple district. So yah. Speaking of temples. Kelly is getting her patriartichal blessing soon and then a temporary temple recommend for baptisms for the dead in january. Does that blow your mind!!!!! Best part is, Elder Roedel has a family he baptized a year ago getting ready to be sealed so I might be able to go with him. If so, hell go to the sealing and Ill go with Sis. Burgess, Kelly, and another lady in our ward and do baptisms for the dead with them. :))))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited. hahaha. Shes awesome. SO Im even more excited about that. 
Everythings still going great and getting even better. Love you guys!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!
Elder Ryan Nonu

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