Monday, January 30, 2012

January 2, 2012

TALOFA FAMILY!!! thats all i got i havent learned anything... 

ANYWAYS! its been fun here still. Glad everyones having a good time over there. I miss everyone and sac. Not TOO much though. I love this ward too much. I miss my HOME ward like crazy though... btw, Elder Roedel and I made an awesome christmas card and i need everyones adress. 

ericka, jason, vicki, sherri, and nan. Its late, but its well worth the wait... trust me. Im going to send yours in the next couple days, i just havent had time to buy stamps, the post office across the street from us only takes cash and i never carry enough to buy as many as i need. but anyways. 
Glad keanas doing well also. I guess when you have  about 8-9 months left they tell you to start applying for schools and getting into college and stuff. so thats good. I have no idea what im going to do, but ill do something. Im not worrying about it too much. But i catch myself drawing landscape layouts and floor plans during my personal study time. so hopefully that will pass and ill get my crap together before its time to come home. Freaky to think ive already been out for 4 months and patrick is coming up on his year mark and my 6 month. HOLY CRAP! it goes by crazy fast. Transfers are at the end of the month and were all thinking ill probably go. That would suck, but its ok. wierd to think but I think the spirit is slowly telling me to start preparing most of our investigators for the next missionary, so im working hard toward that. 

other then that, everything is going good. I love it still and dont see that changing any time soon. 

Love ya!! 

Elder RyNo

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