Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

this week has been awesome. We had a baptism for margie on saturday and elder thomas and I are STAYING TOGETHER FOR ANOTHER TRANSFER! :D were super excited. we just got a new ward mission leader this sunday and hes awesome. he has a lot of good ideas for finding more people for us to teach. Ward council still makes me upset. We have a lady that might be interested in coming to church and she has a 14 yr old daughter. youth conference is coming up and we suggested to get a form for her so she can go. Then the young womens PRESIDENT goes "no, i cant deal with that right now" elder thomas and i were so upset.   so we took a form to her anyway, and had her fill it out. The whole time were like really? a youth wants to come to a huge activity and you dont want her to because you dont want to put the piece of paper in a folder? Then, a recent convert is coming up on her year mark and we suggested for her to get signed up for temple prep and she just got called to primary. Well the primary PRESIDENT says, no i need her in primary, she cant go to temple prep. WHAT THE FREAK MAN!!! its not like random people, these are the AUXILLARY PRESIDENTS of each group that arent letting people in the ward progress. then they wonder why theyve struggled for baptisms and retention. ugh! so this is what we deal with. ugh.......!

anyways! thats way sweet that dad got called to that calling. Im going to send a package home for him when i can and a letter. :) tell him i love him and happy birthday grandpa!

thanks for sending the package, i cant wait. i love you guys!!


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