Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 3, 2012

WOW....can a brotha get the gospel in his life. freak.... thats crazy. Funny because i just read (well, more like dissected with highlighters and pens and scripture references) president Packers talk in the conference ensign this morning "a little child will lead them" or something like that. But it talks about how parenting is a full time calling that we will never be released from. It was awesome. A lot of good stuff in there. My favorite part is when he talks about the little girl in the kimono during WWII collecting leaves. The spirit hit me like a ton of bricks after i read that part. yay revelation! it also talked about parents who cant have children will be taken care of in the after life. i was like oh snap celestial babies! what up! but i digress.

I studied Alma 32 this week. Alma tells us that it is better to humble ourselves, showing real faith, then to be compelled to be humble. there was a lady we taught on exchanges and she said that she felt like she had no faith because nothings happened in her life to make her feel like gods there. As i waited for a bit i felt impressed to respond. and i said "why does someone need to suffer for you to know that god loves you?" obviously she had no response, and the obvious feeling of guilt was apparent in her facial expression. But i hear people all the time here say "if jesus came down, then id believe and have faith" and so many times, were just like "what part of that is faith?" christ has already been here, several times, and people still spat in his face and called him a fraud. after studying the spirit world, were told even THERE that there will be 1000 times more success then the elders on earth but there will still be some that dont except it. faith is NOT nor will it EVER be a need for evidence. the spirit should be good enough. and if someone can recieve that spiritual witness of these things to be true and they still dont accept it, then i wish them the best. 

OH! tuesday is an exciting day! :D theres a recent convert in our ward and his wife that are getting sealed on tuesday night and they invited elder thomas and i to go! were super stoked!

tell dad i love him and am going to send a letter this week, i never have stamps so i just bought some. so ill put something together. also with mothers day this sunday i have my 2nd phone call home. :D and skype is approved.  anyways, thats all this week.

LOVE YA! see you sunday. :)


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