Monday, January 30, 2012

January 23, 2011

yah. i heard from a couple of the members. they all know im a patriots fan, so that was good. im crazy excited. but SO MAD i cant watch! The ducks win the rose bowl and now the pats are going to win the super bowl. bleh. oh well. JP and I have a bet that if we win the super bowl this year he owes me 50 bucks, and if the 9ers had won i owe him. Who knew itd be this close though. haha. good stuff though.
i do need shirts though. I had to bike in another area for a couple days and they just get drenched with sweat and i changed 3 times. I almost didnt have any left. I wear a 17 1/2 though. If you could send a long sleeve too thatd be good. I only have one and its changing colors. haha. but yah. if you do send a package than id send it to the mission office adress, because i might be getting transfered on the 31st and dont think itll get here in time. let everyone else know that too. but yah. thanks mom
love ya!
Elder Nonu

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