Monday, January 30, 2012

January 16, 2012

we have a baptism in 2 weeks for the mcaroon family. its a mom, grandma, and two boys. 16 and 14. the 14 yr old has a form of cancer, which gives him a lot of health problem, he cant talk very well and he gets tired very easily, he also has had a lot of surgery in his neck so its tough for him to support his own weight. But for his baptism were going to put his shower chair in the font and then have about 3-4 of us support his neck and head into the water. it should be really cool. were really excited.
Transfers is in about 2 weeks and im thinking ill be leaving. I hope not, but its a good chance. I told the burgesses (the ones that i skyped at) and kelly was there and her and sis burgess started freaking out. haha. so yah. Bro Olsen is also a BALLER! we went to his house yesterday and he told us about a lot of things hes doing. he has several company he owns or is a part of. basically, he has 12 kids and his wife is a stay at home mom, so yah. theyre loaded. but anyways! hes super humble and stuff, but hes giving up almost all of them because he said it takes away from his family and church. were like... dang son. then he hugged us and said were the best missionaries hes ever met.  that was pretty humbling. 
anyways. thats the kingman update. stay classy. love ya!! 
Elder Nonu
ps: i finally sent my christmas card. :) i sent nans to our house also..

oh yah! i got the sweatshirt. and it is SIIIIICK!!!! we play football very friday with the young men in or wards and bring investigators and stuff and i wore it there. so yah. thank you!! GO DUCKS!!

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