Sunday, February 12, 2012

February 6, 2012

hey guys!
(drum roll) I have been transferred to Paradise stake in the middle of vegas. and guess what also. I cover HALF of the strip. :D haha. Although were in the middle of babylon, I LOVE my area. and my companion. His name is elder zelenski from houston texas. Hes been out for little over a year and was the missionary that i spent my first night in the mission with. wierd right? haha. Last wednesday president let elder z and i go back to kingman for the day and let me baptize the macaroone family. It went awesome! All 4 of them got baptized and elder roedel and i left off together as the highest baptizing companionship in the kingman zone, which is about 12 companionships. so yah. Weve found a lot of success together and im going to miss him a lot. But i love this area. Its pretty hood. so its just like back in sacramento. :) so nothing new here. haha.
this weeks been pretty slow, so not a whole lot is going on. Luckily when we drove to kingman we drove 2 missionaries all the way down to blythe. Then we had our temple session at 7 am the next day. We drove all the way back to kingman, slept for 3 hours, hugged everyone goodbye, and then drove ALL the way back to vegas. We got there at 630 and I was SOOOO excited, because i hadnt gone to the temple in 4 months. so that was good. but after they logged our miles we drove 600 in 1 day. thats a lot. haha. but they knew that would happen, so yah. good times. it was fun. we were soooo tired.
btw, ask dad if he could send a rugby ball or two, i cant find any and everyone in my zone wants to play, but i also dont want to buy one. haha. anyways. I love you guys. stay sweet, and pray for more missionary opportunities, and theyll come. LOVE YA!!
Elder Nonu :)

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