Sunday, February 12, 2012


Its official though, ill be leaving kingman tomorrow morning. Im getting transferred to a new area. Im looking forward to it and im excited. But ive fallen in love with this ward and this city so much, its going to be 10 times harder to leave them than it was to leave home. Ill probably be more kingmansick than home sick. haha. nothing against you guys, i just dont know if ill be able to see all of them again. Bro olsen wants all my info so we can keep in touch. Hes an awesome guy. Ill probably miss him most of all. Ive gotta pack all day and then tonight visit the members one last time. well be going to the jacksons last and im gonna commit Justice to serve a mission when he turns 19. I hope he feels the spirit and commits, ive felt prompted to tell him that. Theyre such an awesome family. I cant wait to go to the temple with them at the end of the year.
Other than that, not much has changed. Im depressed.... haha. President said ill be able to come back and help baptize the macaroone family on wednesday though, so thats exciting. Vincent (the youngest with the terminal illness) loves ties and everything, so me and elder roedel are going to give him a tie before i leave. Hopefully ill be able to see him one day again, but it seems like it can only get worse for him. Keep their family in your prayers.
glad you guys are still enjoying utah and your new callings. im sure you and dad are awesome teachers. Love you guys so much!
Elder Nonu :)

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