Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 27, 2012

its all good. I still havent gotten your guys package yet. btw. Derek wrote me a couple weeks ago, but thats about it. i havent heard from him in a while.
this weeks been pretty good. Monday we had a lesson with our investigator mike. we took him to the "why i believe" fireside on sunday. A bunch of converts get up and bare their testimony and talk about their conversion story. It was super awesome. At first i thought he didnt think much. but the next day at the lesson he said that only 2 times has revelation really hit him like a wall, the first was a while ago when he felt prompted that he needed to go to church and he got dressed with his son in 20 mins. and showed up, and he said the 2nd time was at that fireside. It was super awesome! and he said he doesnt want to set a date yet, but hes pushing toward being baptized now. We also have another lady named juliet, we have her set for baptism for the 24th of march. she hasnt come to church yet, but hopefully shell come around, she just needs to follow through with comittments. Were also teaching a girl named ashley. She might be kinda slow because of the stuff she says. for example... we taught about repentance and baptism and how its essential to return to heavenly father. And we asked "what do we need to do to return to heavenly father?" right after explaining it, and shes goes... "heavenly father? like god? ummm.... i dont know."  ugh....  She just has to understand what were talking about. I felt bad, because i was tired the other day and got frustrated and we taught a lesson at her house, and we asked if she had a testimony of joseph smith, shes like no, because i wasnt there. then i ask... "ok? do you believe that jesus christ was the son of god?" she says, "yes, of course" i respond, "well, you werent around for that either, were you?" elder zelenski just goes.. SOO... and moved on. hahaha. we laughed really hard when we got outside.  This ward's home teaching percentages are like 10%. YOU GUYS BETTER BE DOING HOME TEACHING AND VISITING TEACHING!!!!  Its not a super missionary minded ward. a lot different from kingman. but i still like the area. I think its mainly due to how much i love my companion. we have so much fun.  
thats crazy that Leilani is already 1, its gone by so fast. im coming up on my 6 month mark, which is pretty crazy too. im now meeting elders that have been out less than me. one of the elders in my zone is from lehi. he said he used to live in saratoga springs.
but anyways. everything here is good. im tired all the time now that i bike all day. Ive been having problems with my bike. A couple of the spokes on my wheel have broken. luckily we had a nonmember that fixed them for free, which is pretty cool. 
lave ya!

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