Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 21, 2012

I've been asked SEVERAL times to teach gospel principles and ive realized i love teaching and speaking haha. sounds a little self centered, but its true. not because i wanna hear myself speak, but i just like teaching people. We had a lesson with this guy that fancies himself to be a "theologist" and he brought up a lot of things that he found on anti sites and junk. and he kept bringing up how hes ignorant and he doesnt think that god will answer his prayers. We taught about praying about the BoM and he kept bringing it up and i say to him "god will not answer an ignorant mans prayer until you humble yourself alan" and he just kind of paused and our ward mission leader looked at me, and the investigators like "good point" haha. it was pretty funny.

thats cool about keana going to Sac for the summer though. hope she has fun. say hi to karlie for me if you see her. Shes awesome, shes the only friend i have thats written me every week and throughout my mission so far and itll probably stay that way. thats good that shes reading a lot and enjoying seminary tell her to keep it up and im proud of her for doing that too, i sure didnt.

patrick comes home in february though. crazy right? hes on the downhill slope. haha. anyways. love ya!


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