Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 28, 2012

im sorry for your motherly anxiety about none of us being at home, here i promise ill live at home for at least 3 years and you can catch up on what youve missed out. haha. good one. anyways!
church was pretty good for us too. we have a gospel principles teacher named bro. hastings who is the ex stake president and is awesome! he teaches everything so simply and clearly that you cant help but get drawn into his lesson. this week has been good, but transfers are in a week and im anxious to figure out what mission ill be in on july 1st. ill know by saturday, but its killing me to know what my fate is.

thats way cool about the choir also. hopefully it turned out well. there are 2 samoan elders from apia that came into the mission this transfer. elders iloane and lilo. i met elder lilo and hes a super skinny short guy. aha. hes super nice though and cool guy. i asked him if he knew any nonus and he said yah. so i assume he knows the whole family back home. pretty cool.

other than that this week has been ok. nothing special, although we ended up dropping alan, the "smart" investigator guy. we told him to read the book of mormon and pray about it but he doesnt think hell get an answer because every religion says they prayed about it and its true. so basically he refuses to pray. during the lesson our ward mission stumped him and his buddy with a bunch of science questions and to explain how they came to be through science and they couldnt answer them. i.e.: the creation, universes, etc. and then i testified and told him god wont answer an ignorant prayer, so we promised him that hell never get an answer. it was cool. annoying but cool. i wanted to slap him. but whatever.

anyways. all is well in paradise. youll know by next monday where im going and all that. so ill let you know. should be interesting. :)

love ya!


also, please send my camo back pack, i could really use it. this bag i have is destroying my shoulder. and those sunglasses if you can find them. thanks. love you!

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