Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Everythings been awesome. Thanksgiving was fun we had it at 2 peoples houses. It was going to be 3 but we spent like 5 hours at our first members house. we played cards, ate a crap load of food and she sent us home with 5 different home made pies. :DD yah!!!!
We spoke in sacrament yesterday. it went really well. everyone liked our talks. I read that story, about the missionary that "FOUND HIS FRIEND" I looked in the crowd and like 10 moms were crying. 5 came up to me. "i loved that story Elder Nonu." We went to the Burgesses house (my home away from home) and the first thing she does is throw a dish rag at my face and goes "You know your not supposed to make me cry Elder Nonu!!" HAHAHAHAH. it was funny. :P btw, one of the other families ive gotten close with are going to provo in a couple weeks and they want to meet you guys. Usually id think its wierd BUT! there lyour guys age and awesome, and Ive told sister Olsen (thats their name) "you and my mom would be good friends." haha. So yah, You guys should go out to dinner or something one night when theyre there. Brother Olsen said he "wants to tell you how good im doing". im like... oh my gosh. sure..... haha.
Oh yah! also, Brother Olsen is a foot doctor and he told me that this morning because i was in his office for an xray, and guess what? I BROKE MY TOE!!! :D pretty cool right?? hahaha. Me and Elder Roedel were wrestling and I kicked my foot back and kicked the ground, I heard a loud pop and havent been able to walk normal since. Since Im from california i just make everyone believe its my pmp walk. just kidding. but yah, its fine though, i can walk on it and he said ill be fine in a week. He put a little splint cast on it and im walking fine. The Zone Leaders gave us extra miles so we can drive and not walk so much. So yah, no worries. :) So yah, you guys should hang out, i think itd be fun. :P is it cool if i give them your number and junk? if not, ill do it anyways cause then you guys can have more friends. :D
Kelly is getting baptised on the 10th , Elder Van Bruggen is coming back from canada land to baptise her, so im stoked for that. and then the jacksons (family of 4) are getting baptised the weekend after on the 17th. so yah. 5 people in the next 3 weeks!!! ill send pictures after everything. it should be good. other then that, all other people are just a bit slower but still going strong.
oh and I thought of a couple things i wanted for Christmas also.
-military scripture set (ask bishop)
-pants,short and long sleeve shirts (2 or 3 each?) from missionary mall (mm)
-more socks from mm
-music! polynesian music or acapella groups CDs (mission appropriate)
    If there speaking samoan or something then just as long as its calm stuff, no j-boog (keana) so yah, just burn a couple CDs, I cant stand my companions crap, im giving him culture now.
-A giant samoan flag (we have a flag pole at our house and I wanna fly it on there, or just hang it on my wall.) :)
and thats basically it. oh! and my sunglasses I left there and my rubber watch i got in disneyland (i need something durable)
anyways. Love you guys. Hope all is well. Ill tell the Olsens you cant wait to meet them. hahaha.
Love ya,
Elder Nonu

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