Monday, November 28, 2011

November 7, 2011

Hello family,

My zone leader here just got transfered to be zone leader in elko
today, so if he sees an elder dixon then hell know me. haha. but elder
van bruggen left last night, hes at the mission home and leaves
wednesday morning. im goning to transfer conference on tuesday and ill
get my companion then.

the college girl dropped, but thats ok, and our family of 4 isnt
progressing right now, but were setting something up this week and
well get them in gear. but our investigator thats doing awesome is
kelly, shes in elko right now actually, shes like 20 and weve had like
6 lessons with her and shes set for the 26th. Elder Van Bruggen is
going to try and come down for that, so thats exciting. were really
happy for her. i didnt get to ride in a helicopter after all, but
thats alright, we taught a lesson to kelly that day i think, and thats
when we set her for baptism. so yah! everythings going really well.

it actually snowed here too! it was so wierd! i woke up, and i look
outside, im like "oh, lots of frost." everyones like. dude... thats
snow. i go.... oh.... IM FROM CALIFORNIA! I dont know what the crap
snow looks like when i wake up. but yah, ill try and send pictures of
everything. each "transfer" is 6 weeks long. that means every 6 weeks,
you potentially could move somewhere in the mission. so my first
transfer is down. :D now ill look forward to thanksgiving in kingman.
btw, its freezing here! about 40-50 every day for the past week or so.

for christmas, i want a new suit really, and more slacks. preferably
dockers (more durable) or go to missionary mall, i blew out both my
suit pants. but a member bought me a new pair for my calvin klein and
another just gave me a ralph lauren they had. so yah. pretty friggin
sweet man. :)

anyways. everythings awesome here! LOVE YOU GUYS!!

elder nonu

"god be with you til we meet again."

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