Monday, November 28, 2011

October 31st, 2011

hey mom glad everything is going well. Im gonna be staying in kingman for at least 6 more weeks. President said Ill probably end up serving in the samoan branch in vegas which goes all the way to the west mission where reno is. I get to learn samoan too as part of my study. So hopefully that blessing will come true. Our investigators are doing great. The family were teaching got back from a hunting trip and well probably teach them this week. Kelly, the 20 yr old were teaching, is doing AWESOME!! weve taught her 5 times and we set her for baptism last night for the 26th of november. were excited. Van bruggen leaves on the 8th, im kind of sad about it, and hes freaking out because hes scared to go home, but i help him as much as I can. Ill get a new companion next tuesday, so im excited to see who it is. hopefully its not some goober i have to slap every 5 seconds. well see.
Tonight our mission president doesnt want us going out on halloween so were going to a members home and watchiung 17 miracles in their theatre room (rich people man) so were all excited. Were going on a hike today also up the mountain here, im gonna try to send pictures home this week also. btw, you have wierd dreams homes.
paanes a boss for that, im sure shes pretty and theyll have little islander babies running around by the time i get back. when the freak is james gonna pull the trigger on that one?? his gf is pretty so yah, get on it dang. just kidding, but still... :) no, i havent heard from anyone else, im too busy/lazy to write any letters. i just come home plan and then snooze. except for last night we played fooseball on the table we got from a member (sick members!!) until midnight and then fell asleep in the new la-z-boy we got (sick members!!!) at 2am. so it was a good night. :)
the bike is awesome, im broke another missionaries bike the other day (mine was at our old house) and broke the crank arms off. he said "crap nonu! your freaking samoan legs are too much for it!!" so im letting him borrow mine since we have a car. So im gonna go buy a tool and get him a new one off an old bike.
anyways. everythings awesome in kingman, i love it here. love you guys!!!!!
Elder Nonu. :)

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