Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012

We love the ward mission leader in our ward.  he calls us his ward mission sons and hes the ward mission dad and his 6 kids are our brothers and sisters. its awesome. lol.  glad you guys are enjoying the branch though. im loving this ward too.  glad keana is enjoying utah also. i loved it there while we were there.
our week has been kind of challenging. the area is dead we have no one to teach but we have a couple potential people to work with. which is good. funny thing also. karlie met a girl on facebook and starting being friends with her, turns out its a girl i know here and one of our potential people is her cousin. haha. so now theyre all friends and trying to get her to take the lessons. haha. crazy right? but i love this ward and looking forward to next transfer.
other then that all is well. im going to send some awesome pictures i took this week. also, ecco shoes (my shoes i bought for my mission) come with a two year warranty and last transfer they basically got a huge rip in the side, so im trying to see if i can get a new pair if they have a warranty. could you look into that for me? thank you. also, thanks for the money in my account. i appreciate it. love you guys!

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