Monday, August 20, 2012

July 23, 2012

Hello Family,
this week has been super boring honestly. -__- weve just visited people and stuff. We have a baptism soon for this awesome guy named scott. hes 20 and a friend of a guy that had to come home early from his mission due to health problems. so its been fun teaching him.  i miss tropicana and elder v a lot. :(i didnt even get to finish training him though. its been ok though. we have a car with 1200 miles on it and our area is maybe a mile long. so im luck... what the freak. but its super hot, so i dont mind.
my companion is a really cool guy. his names elder hardy from maryland and he goes home in about 5 months. so his trunky thoughts come out every once in a while. its been hard adjusting to being with him. we get a long really well, but hes definately not as motivated as my little greeny i left at the strip. haha. but yah.
other then that the week has been good. dinahs baptism is tomorrow and im super excited because i get to do it. :D haha. im sure ill get used to the ward soon. it just doesnt seem like a family. i thought tropicana was a small ward and then this one has about 60 people every week. what the heck? but the awesome part about our area s that its super close to the temple. the temple is down the street from where we live and spend most of our time. which is pretty cool. i get to see the temple every day. :) but i dont get to go. :/ but anyways!!
all is well here. LOVE YA!!!

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