Monday, August 20, 2012

July 30, 2012

yah honestly. im pretty bad about taking pictures. its honestly the last thing on my mind. so yah .ill try, but no promises. if anything ill have them when i get home.

thats pretty lame about work. the weather here has been 100 + for the past 4 months. idunno wht people complain about here. its not even that hot. its iritating, but not that bad. the humidity back home is way worse. at least i think. but oh well. we get people screaming at us all the time. im not sure why. on top of that, no one knows how to drive.

I was reading the talk "dare to stand alone" by president monson and the first few paragraphs he talks about how this world is comparible to the world when the flood came during noahs time and i wouldnt be surprised if its not actually worse then that. i mean, come to vegas and youll see that babylon is alive and well. so yah. im really glad that we moved to utah too. got to get away from it all as best as we could. but anyways.

yah its been cool i guess, but the questions we get are rediculous. i swear. yesterday we got this one "hey elders we were wondering if we dont have any investigators at church then can we leave after sacrament meeting and go find some?" in response i said "so your asking us if you can ditch church after the first hour because no one showed up for church? you realize that church isnt just a number to track, its for your edification too? elder i want you to ask yourself that question 3 times in your head and then ask yourself if that was worth asking us..." he said no and then went about his night. but we get stuff like that ALL THE TIME!!! so most of the time im like elder you know what to do, or elder you know your not supposed to be doing that, so dont ask or elder think that one over with your companion. but anyways. ill get over it. it just seems like people are trying to make us accountable for their actions.

anyways. this week has been pretty good. we have a couple promising potentials coming up soon. ive been trying to keep elder hardys spirits up. to find and everything. but anyways. this weeks been good. i found out that an investigator elder v and i taught has a baptismal date now. :DDDD YES!! she also is going to have a lesson at the temple and go to alesson with elder v and his companion. awesome!!!! anyways. ill hand write a letter this week for nan and follow the spirit and all that good stuff and itll be awesome. haha. LOVE YA!!!!


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