Monday, August 20, 2012

Elder Nonu makes Zone Leader!!! July 16, 2012

Hey Mom,
This email might be short because ive got A LOT of stuff to do for transfers. oh yah! im leaving the area and am going to be a zone leader in central stake. im really excited but sad at the same time.
 elder v and i sang in church sunday and spoke, everyone loved it and president and sister neider were there and sister neider was balling the whole time. there was a very strong spirit there. we spoke on forgiveness. it was super awesome.
 thats cool about that missionary moment with that family. ill bet they get baptized because of that. aha. im proud of them. its cool to hear stories like that. ill spend more time writing a letter to keana here.
 these past 10 months have been awesome. I started in the MTC knowing i needed to do what i was there to do, but i didnt go into the MTC with a sure testimony. I didnt know where 2 nephi was and i couldnt tell you who the Anti-Nephi-Lehis were. Over the past few months the mission has changed my life forever. Ive learned that not only have the prophets told us its a good idea, but ive learned of what a privilege it is to serve the lord and more importantly to serve the people of the land you are divinely called to. Its more then just 18-24 months of finding people to baptise. The true purpose of missionary work is to sanctify the missionary and then second to baptize people into this church. I owe my life to my mission and will always be grateful for the decision ive made. The lord truly calls who he needs to serve. And if you feel like that would be a good idea, then id take that as a voice of love from the spirit divinely calling you to the work. I testify that this work is the work of God. It is the HARDEST thing ive done. When people yell at you, point a gun in your face, or throw bottles while your biking, its all worth it when you find that 1 person that says "yes". I remember having one of the hardest weeks and my companion was just waiting to go home. then we were invited to a sealing of a family in our ward. we got into the sealing room and the spirit was very strong. afterward they stood by the door to see us out, and with the spirit in my voice i told him "this is what makes all of the hardship of missionary work worth it, thank you for making it all worth it." thats what missionary work is all about. I testify that the atonement was the pure love of christ to sacrifice himself so that we can be whole. That faith in the savior I have is a testimony for me to know there is balm in gilead. I love this work and my tiem in vegas no matter where the lord takes me, i know im a tool in the hands of the lord. I know he needs you there too. start preparing now. love you. keep it up. im proud and so is heavenly father. :)

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