Monday, August 20, 2012

August 6, 2012

no worries. we actually email a bit later now because to many elders are here in the morning. this week has been good. we have 3 new investigators. 2 are a couple 1 is from american samoa and her boyfriend is a black guy. ha. thyere pretty cool. we have a baptism this weekend for scott alcorn. hes an investigator we had when i got here. hes awesome and already talking about serving a mission after he gets baptised. were like. SIIIIIIIIIICK!!!! we had a lesson at the temple when he told us these things. it was so cool. Our ward mission leader is bro. stanley and he has 6 kids. his wife has been a member for 2 years and theyre sealed and theyre both just awesome. they help us out so much and he magnifies his calling like crazy. its awesome!

thats cool about the branch games. it sounds like fun. i wish i could go. white people dont do anything cool out here. haha.

i wish derek would write me.  i still care about him a lot. how he been doing? whats he doing now? is he still in the navy? jonathon tsang has written me twice now. haha. he was asking me what missionaries do and whats our day like, so i told him and told him he should go check out the institute building at sac state and sac city. i thought hed might like it. who knows what will happen. hes little youth group he was going to was hilarious, me and simi would go and just laugh afterwards because all they do is ramble on about stuff and then cry a lot. haha. anyways!

anyways, LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!


i know im almost half way done.... dont remind me. -___

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