Monday, August 20, 2012

July 2, 2012

Hello Family,
We had a lesson with a lady named dinah. her husband is serbian and a less active member we randomly found. shes now taking lessons and is reading the book of mormon. only problem is that her only days off are tuesday and wednesday and every other day she works 14 hour shifts with her 2 jobs. she super awesome though! she feeds us every time we go over and its SOOOO good! haha. we also are teaching this lady and her 2 kids named vilma. shes from el salvador, speaks perfectly good english and her kids only speak english. Shes really sincere about learning but is very timid and seems scared to do things. weve been teaching her for about a month and she hasnt come to friggin church!!! its really iritating, but what can you do. we also got to help an investigator couple move on saturday and their names are chris and naomi. they both go to UNLV and she has hot pink hair. :D pretty awesome. haha. theyre cool and they feed us every time we come over also. random part of the week. we visited this mexican lady this week and her daughter was getting baptized saturday. after crying and confessing her soul for about an hour she asked me to baptize her daughter. haha. so i got to baptize her, it was pretty cool. but random at the same time. haha. thats my week!
hopefully wel be getting ipads out here soon. theyre replacing our area books where we keep all our investigators info. pretty awesome! haha. but thats cool. have fun with it. -__- btw, im 10 months old now. gross right? haha. LOVE YA!

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