Monday, August 20, 2012

July 9, 2012

what the freak! hulk got shot?? wow.... ok? stab that guy
 ugh. well. thats crazy about the fire. i kept hearing about it over here. everythings dry here!!! i havent seen grass in who knows how long. and i mean GRASS! not sod! but oh well.
 thats really cool about the ward though. glad to hear that everyones helping each other out. i wish we had wards out here like that. I love my mission though. but everyone here is crazy and rude and doesnt give a crap about anything but porn and alcohol. -__- this place is definately babylon. but anyways. so this week we had an interesting experience. we stopped by a less active guys home whos wife is getting baptized in a couple of weeks and he goes "so baptism on tuesday and YOU (me) are baptising her" i was like, what the feez did he just say? elder V stares at me and was like :D and im like uh.... no. haha. shes only been taught 2 times and just found out who john the baptist and you think shes ready to make covenants with god? we want her to know what commandments she needs to foloow, what doctrine she should know, before she makes that committment. and on top of that shed fail her interview. so we couldnt have that happen. all seemed well until they came to church on sunday and were telling everyone that shes getting baptized tuesday, so we went over and we were like IKE! we told you that cant happen. and we said we prayed about it and discussed it and july 24th is when the lord would like her to be baptised and when we feel she will be ready. so all is settled now and we have a baptism the week after transfers. lol. it works though. anyways. not much else has happened.
 but anyways thats the excitement of my work. lol. transfers are next tuesday and i think im ready to leave. 6 months in an area is too long. i love training so much and being a district leader. i love serving other missionaries, even if i dont do the best job ever.
 thanks for the pictures you guys are wierd. lol. 14 months and the house will be full again. lol.
 thats cool about the branch conference. if i stay this next transfer ill be here for both stake conferences this year for this stake. haha. crazy right. lol.
 anyways. thanks for the card!!! i got it, but i didnt get the package yet, i have no idea why. but hopefully itll get here next week. oh yah. and karlie said shes trying to hang out with keana. hah. have fun guys! :D

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