Sunday, November 4, 2012

AUGUST 27, 2012

this week has been a challenge. we have been struggling just to fill our days with things to do. although that may be weve done some awesome stuff this week! :D friday we had a huge softball game with the ward and it went great. this less active samoan family came also and were planning on playing rugby with them today. AHHH!!! im so excited. too many friggin white people here. ugh.... but i spoke on sunday. it went well, a lot of people came up and thought it was good. but i spoke for 30 minutes on accident. i got to the atonement and got emotional. its not my FAULT!!! but anyways. still good though.
we got a tender sweet mercy from the lord yesterday. the son of the family that fed us last night brought his friend over who wasnt a member and he was talking about church and everything, and we invited him out to play softball with us ther next time we plan on having a game. he seemed excited. so hopefully next time we see him we can start teaching him soon. that would be SWEET!!!!

also next time you send a package. i dont know if you remember from my last email but my eccos blew out on the side and i know that you can get new ones because they come with a 2 year warranty, so if you could check that out id appreciate it. also, my dress shoes i left at home, if you could send those also. i wanna have a pair for meetings, and a pair for running around in, but the dress ones i bought out here suck and are falling apart already and i just bought them like 3 months ago. so yah, that would be good.

im very much not looking forward to missing football season, but this is the last one ill miss and ill get home right in time for it next year! ;D yes!!! haha. but its whatever. i cant see the pictures btw. so yah.

i hit my year mark in 2 weeks. what the freak!!!! ugh. and this is my 3rd out of 4 phone call home and my 3rd out of 4 general conference. and my last holiday season. :( lame. oh well.

love you guys!!!!


ps: guess what? elder vaiaoga (the missionary i trained last transfer) is TRAINING THIS TRANSFER!!! :DDDDD i was so proud of him. haha.


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