Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCTOBER 1, 2012

Hi Mom and Dad,

This week has been good. monday we didnt do a whole lot. hardy got a hair cut and it was pretty boring. but yah. tuesday we had interviews with president and sister neider. he had a lot of questions about the zone and if im worried about any of the companionships. it was my favorite interview with president. we watched his general conference talk he gave. this month's ensign he actually has an article that he wrote. its about voting. Micheal A. Neider. i read it this morning. that night bro. mallory in our ward is the fire captian for the fire house here and he gave us a tour and let us mess with all the tools and stuff. it was really fun. all his nonmember coworkers were really nice to us. they were asking him a bunch of questions about missionaries and stuff. his son is serving a mission in seoul korea. pretty cool right? yah i know... haha. then wednesday we had district meeting in the morning, nothing special throughout the day. thursday we did a session in the temple and i almost got the ending perfect this time. aha. i felt accomplished. i learned some stuff also which was really cool. I love doing that. it felt like i was going to disneyland that morning. i was so anxious to go. it was awesome! friday wasnt too exciting either. saturday though was fun. we were on exchanges with a missionary i served around a couple transfers ago and we stayed up until around 2am just talking friday night. haha. in the morning we went to 2 baptisms. one for someone in our district and then a spanish baptism that elder bennett (my exchange comp) sang at. i could pretty much understand what they were saying. so that was good. ive heard enough spanish to be able to listen to people and know whats being said to me. so that was cool. joey also had his baptismal interview and passed of course. after the baptisms we went with scott (our recent convert) dale (his friend) and jessica (dales sister) to wing stop. weve gotten pretty close with all of them and elder bennett and i had a lot of fun. and the fun was awesome. :P sunday was rather interesting. church was really , the mission has set every fast sunday for the month as a day to fast to reach our mission baptismal goal of 1200 and hopefully well get close to it. the zone has been doing really well. we had 10 baptisms this past month which is AWESOME!!!! haha. so were really proud of how hard the missionaries are working. We had a meeting with our ward mission leader.  My companion, Elder Hardy told him he was getting burned out.  Then he looks at me,"youre not getting burnt out are you?" i said,"bro. agan ive been out for a year, i dont have the option of being burnt out, and ive been in every area for at least 4 1/2 to 6 months" he just says "good."  for dinner we went to bro. flanagan's house whos married to a mexican lady and she made some GOOD food. ever since ive eaten real mexican food, i cant stand taco bell or chipotle anymore. -___- sad, but oh so true. haha. then we had a fun lesson with joey and played a game about the ten commandments and then got his baptismal program figured out. so yah. good times.
Dad is still in my prayers. i fasted for him sunday. so that will help. if theres anything ive learned on my mission about a successful family for when im married, its that church, prayer, and reading are the fundamentals that will keep us happy. going to church as a family and getting things out of it together, praying morning and night as a family, and family home evenings every week, and daily family scripture study will make mountains move for a family. along with personal scripture study and prayer. it makes all the difference. building my testimony every day has helped me so much. before my mission i couldnt find 3 nephi in the book of mormon and hadnt even read it yet, and i could tell you who the apostles were or who was in the first presidency. now, i can tell you in depth what every story is about, ive truly come to grow a testimony of the atonement and an understanding that helps me brush off every little stupid thing like its not even there, and ive grown a very close relationship with god. i actually have a testimony and conviction opposed to an attendance record at church. it makes all the difference in the eternities.
anyways. all is well still. transfers are next tuesday and im excited to see what happens. love you all!!!!


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