Sunday, November 4, 2012

SEPTEMBER 27, 2012

FINALLY YOU WRITE ABOUT FOOTBALL!!!!!!! gosh. bro. mallory is a member we love in the ward and the ONLY person that talks about it or updates me. but i dont hear about it very often. i heard that the flippin pats lost to the rams. but oregon is 3-0 and destroying everyone also. so thats good. i just hope that they kill USC. that would excite me. hehe. :D i was so happy that they lost to stanford. so that made my week. anyways. all is well here.

monday didnt do much, tuesday we did service for this elderly couple in the ward, the rossers. we love them. haha. they have a closet full of food and let us go "shopping" after every service project or whenever we just feel like stopping by. wednesday we had district meeting and started our exchanges with the district leaders in the zone. I went with elder cornelison who came out with me, so that was SOOO much fun.

Friday, not a whole lot again, saturday was pretty good. the morning and afternoon was uneventful, but later that evening we played softball with the ward which was fun. and then went to a baptism for someone elder hardy taught. but the cool thing about this lady was that she was deaf. so the baptism, was done in sign language and the confirmation was done in sign language. it was rather interesting. aha. but the spirit was super strong. right before the baptism, the spanish ward was having a HUGE party, so i got some food. ;P so yah. that was my week in a nut shell. :)

Inot sure if ill get transferred or not. im assuming hardy will because weve been together for 2 transfers and hes been in the area for 3. but this area is so small, we struggle to stay busy all day. so yah. hopefully i leave soon. but i love the members so much. theyre all awesome. but they dont keep us busy. so yah.

we have a baptism for joey bagwell on the 2nd. so thats really exciting.

ill be praying for dad. OH YAH!! his friend kerifi is in the ward next to us. so he told me to tell him to call him. hes taking us to dinner next monday. so yah. his number is. 702-542-8959



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