Sunday, November 4, 2012

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

Were planning on going to the temple this friday as a district, so that should be fun. well be going at the same time as the new missionaries so ill be able to see elder V and his trainee. so im looking forward to that. I got to see them last night. we picked them up for a mission fireside and then dropped them off. theres a fijian guy, bro. tui, that we know that is super cool, so we went over there and hung out with him for a bit and 2 other missionaries. elders vakauta and ioane. we ate curry and told bro tui that he needs to go to church and dump his nonmember girlfriend so he can go to the temple. it was funny. haha.

that would be cool if you got to work from home. finding a job when i get back should be interesting. haha. just kidding. i told dad ill be praying for him, so hopefully hell get better soon.

Everybody is getting married i swear. dad told me that james's wife's brother is coming to this mission. I feel like i dont know ANY missionaries now. they used to introduce them to everyone at transfers, but now they come in a day later and then get put with their trainers, so we dont get to know them at all. its strange. but oh well.

The work has been picking up this week. weve been trying to teach the wife of a part member family. her husband has been really against her taking lessons and the first time she was taught, he freaked out when the missionaries talked to her about baptism, and stopped taking them. well since i got here weve been trying to teach her. weve gotten to know them really well and they love us. She donated a kidney a couple years ago and the one she has now, has been giving her a lot of problems and shes been in and out of the hospital the past few weeks. the member we have fellowshipping them drove her husband somewhere and then up to the temple and asked if they had been to the temple on the grounds and in response he asked "after my wife gets better, what do we have to do to get her baptised?" it was awesome!!! so we will be teaching her soon and hopefully will be baptising her next month. We are also teaching one of the priests friends named joey and he is getting baptised at the end of the month. hes awesome! other then that were still trying to find people to keep the work going.

I wish we could go to a temple dedication. -___- but no. oh well..

Anyways. all is well here, 3 more weeks of this transfer. its going by very fast. and im very grateful. :)



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