Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCTOBER 8, 2012

this week has been awesome!!!!!! monday was boring, did do much. tuesday we had our baptism for joey which was awesome. he asked me to baptize him. when we got into the changing room, we changed and he sat back and i asked him how he felt, and he said "my whole life just changed." and i gave him a hug. it was cool. really strong spirit there. wednesday we had ZLC and elder hardy and I gave a training to the other zone leaders. we had this survey at interviews and i guess our mission president and his wife thought we did really well with things (planning skills, obedience, area book care, etc.) so we gave a training on how everyone needs to be doing these things or we have no reason to be leaders and guide our missionaries on how its to be done properly. then we had a huge awesome lunch. :P thursday was REALLY awesome. wednesday night we were planning and we were thinking about where we should go, and i remembered a small court we always passed by thats tucked away off of a street, well thinking that missionaries NEVER have been there i said, "we should tract that street." and elder hardy says,"yah i was thinking that exact thing." so we went to it thursday and knocked on this door and a spanish lady answered and we went inside and left a blessing on her home. she said, "my three sons have been wanting to talk with you guys for a long time, can you come back next week?" well, our jaws dropped to say the least and we set an appointment for this wednesday! :DDDD haha. friday not a whole lot happened, then saturday was conference and we got wing stop for lunch!!!! SO GOOD!!!! SO THAT WAS AWESOME. sunday was awesome also with conference. other then that. it was great week. also. transfers is tomorrow and elder hardy is getting transferrred and i will be with elder taetekua, hes tongon from hawaii, so im sure this will be a fun transfer. im excited. :D

That's awesome about Keana and the temple too. i wish we could have done that. i thought about this ward and if we lived here id be there almost every morning. but its kind of sad when you see couples that dont go weekly when its down the street. LITERALLY. i figured you guys were going to at least one of the sessions. your so lucky. i wanted to go so bad. the conference was awesome!!!!! i loved elders holland and bednar's talks. they were awesome. ive been studying the healing, enabling, and exalting of the atonement, and sure enough thats exactly what everyone talked about. so that was nice to see also. and i need to write keana back, i lost my friggin stamps. so ill get on that. im attempting to write micheal also. i didnt realize hes been out for 6 months already. thats cool.

thats awesome about oregon too. theres a sister here that graduated from washington state so let me know what the score of that game is. ;D haha. ill be looking forward to that. haha. anyways. all is well here.

anyways. LOVE YA!!!!!


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