Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCTOBER 29, 2012

this week has been awesome! monday: we went to the outlet mall thats at the end of our zone. oh gosh. i miss shopping for things i dont need so much! i needed a new bag to bike with and work with because the one i have is getting pretty jacked up, so i bought a new one and an oregon shirt to rep my colors! then we watched the presidential debate. it was very informative minus like the WHOLE THING! since everything they were talking about has happened on my mission. lame.... but still. tuesday: we had district meeting in the morning and then exchanges. i went with a new missionary thats been out for about 2 weeks named elder sherwood from arkansas. hes super cool and funny guy,. i love him. we had a good day together. wednesday we exchanged back and then had a good day together with elder taetakua and i. we have SO MUCH fun together. i love polynesian companions. :D hahaaha. thursday we went to the spanish district meeting and it was really good then had our exchange with the spanish district leader and his companion. it was cool but that night we got a less then exciting call from my companion telling us about our investigator. we found this family through tracted and have been teaching them. theyre spanish. well, elder taetakua calls me and tells me that the mom just got out of jail febrauary for drug trafficking. turns out that she went to tijuana and woke up drugged up and was detained from the airport and found drugs stashed on her, so she has a court date in november and will probably spend 2 years in prison. fun times. so yah... friday nothing really happened, saturday was fun. we had our trunk or treat and we bought a bunch of candy and stapled cards to each one. and had one of the young men sit in our trunk witha blanket over his head and scare the little kids as the reached into our trunk. HAHAHA!!! it was awesome. sunday not a whole lot went down either. renewed our covenants and were edified. yay. thats my week! we also found 4 new people to teach and have our first lessons with them this coming week! :D oh and we also have this performance going on on the 11th. its called the lamb of god and its an orchestra performance that all the zone leaders will be ushering for and then we gget awesome seats! :D yay! i love zone leadery thingy benefits. :DDD haha

now we have 12 investigators that weve found within the last 3 weeks. we have at least 7-8 appointments set up this week. which is the first in i dont even know how long. so yah. good stuff. good to have a hard working fun loving companion.

by the way. every time you talk about something along the lines of me going home or something to do with home, i show to the other elders and call it my mom's "trunky thought of the week" ;D haha

oh btw, did you know an eduardo deleon in college? filipino guy, short, wears glasses. well hes in my ward and he went to BYU Hawaii in 81 and thought he recognized your name, so i thought id asked. he said he went by edu (eh-doo) so yah. hes awesome! anyways.



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