Sunday, November 4, 2012


this week was a struggle again. we had problems finding people to teach and basically just having stuff to do all day. were on our bikes the whole time and cant keep ourselves busy because there is NOTHING to do. but luckily we had a little ray of sunshine yesterday night. the family that fed us last sunday told us that their son had a friend or 2 that wanted to learn about the church and stuff. well he brought him over yesterday night and we had a lesson with him. we taught about the book of mormon and it went really well. andat the end we comitted him to be baptised! pretty awesome! yah bro! but he said that that is definately something that he wants to do. but we told him to pray about it and let us know on tuesday what date he thinks would be good. hell probably say something in like 3 months, but well pray too and think of something for like 3-4 weeks from now. haha. so yah. golden investigator. but the cool thing is that he also has ANOTHER friend that wants to get baptised too, but the problem is that he just got kicked out of his house and put into foster care and had to quit his job and everything and might not be going to school anymore. he was a super cool kid too but everything is going bad for him. so yah, well see how that goes.

sounds like a good day though. that would be good. the only problem is that the only other shoes i have are kind of uncomfortable like... a lot. so yah. but ill mail them to you. thatd be good though. as far as things that i need im not sure what id need. so yah. aha. whatever you send would be fine.

ive thought about byu hawaii for school maybe. i guess they have a pretty good architectural program there. so yah. well see though. dont really care to think about it now. so yah.

 thatd be awesome though. ive been wanting to write bishop sharp, but had no idea what his adress is. oh yah! i got a letter from sis. limutau and a couple other sisters today. so that was cool. but id love to hear from him and see how the ward is doing. :) hows micheal doing in st. louis though? havent heard from him yet. and tell derek to email me that fruit cake! bishop prob thought those things were funny anyways. haha.

 anyways. all is well here still. love you mom!!

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