Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCTOBER 15, 2012

this week has been cool. monday was another boring p-day. we spent it saying good bye to people for elder hardy. tuesday was transfers and i saw james' wifes' brother there. hes in the zone that i just left. so i barely missed serving next to him. hes a cool guy though. we had fun with elder vaiaoga and latu (the missionary he's training) so that was fun. After we went to BJs :D with a member in our ward that works around the mission office. i got like 3 pizookies and we shared them. :P i love elder taetakua. hes a good missionary and a humble big tongan boy from hawaii. haha. weve been having a blast together. wednesday we had our lesson with the family that hardy and i found tracting. it went really well. we taught about the restoration of the gospel through jospeh smith and her kids were really interested and comitted to read and pray about the book of mormon. she had her sisters kids sit in as awell, and said shed ask if they can learn. so that was awesome. so thats a mom and 5 kids with a lot of potential. thursday nothing really, friday we had our zone meeting for our zone. elder taetakua was a little nervous, but he did really well. during zone meeting we just make announcements from zone leader council and relay them from president back to all of our missionaries. we also trained on planning and using the area book. it went well. some of the missionaries looked less then enthused but the missionaries that we see working really hard in their areas were the ones taking notes, engaging in the conversations. so it was good. then we took a missionary and his comp to lunch and i bought him lunch for his birthday. saturday we went to 2 baptisms. 1 for the spanish elders in the zone and another at night for the sisters in our district. its always a good saturday going to baptisms. so that was nice. sunday was great too. elder taetakua got to meet a bunch of the members and classes went well. scott (our recent convert) taught the gospel principles class, he was nervous too, but still did well. we had dinner with my favorite family in the ward. the wards. haha. and i got to see a missionary that was with me in the MTC whos a zone leader in the zone next to ours. after we headed home and called the mission president's secretary and got things figured out for the fireside that elder taetakua and I are in charge of next sunday. its called the "why i believe" fireside that the mission puts together once a month. scott is going to be speaking so were really excited about that. :D well, thats our week. today were playing rugby with a bunch of the elders in the mission, i found a rugby pitch in a park in our zone, so it should be fun. im excited.

ive heard of that place here in vegas. or at least i think they are. so thats cool. im glad Nan's found a job that shes liked. i miss santa cruz. its so friggin dry here its not even funny. i want the ocean. haha. but thats fun. i wish i could go. but ill get over it. -__- haha.

i dont know where Karifi lives but ill give him a call and drop some stuff off for you guys. so yah. did you send another mrs. fields package? btw. if you did, dont put elder ryan anymore. you have to put elder nonu because theres 3 ryans in the mission, one of which was my companion when i got the first one and they had to call us to figure it out. so yah. just for convenience.

thats awesome about keana though. im glad that she made that decision. she can turn in her papers the month i get home. haha. so ill get back and then shell be gone. thats cool. haha. did she get my letter? hope so.

anyways. all is well in vegas. btw, if you call the mission home and ask to take us to dinner you might be able to. ;D haha. just saying.


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