Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCTOBER 22, 2012

this wek has been great!!! monday we had a good p-day, played some rugby and hung out with the other missionaries. that night we visited a member in the ward named bro nuckolls he had told us that he was working with a family and their 3 kids to try and get them baptised. well, when we stopped by he said he should try and call them and see if that was ok. they happened to be having a birthday party for the moms grandma and we walked over with him. we talked to the family and bro. nuckolls invited the kids to take lessons and they accepted. AWESOME!!!! thats 3 new people to teach. tuesday we had district meeting and started our exchanges with our district leader and his companion. it was a good exchange. SUPER RANDOM THOUGH!! nothing i planned to do happened, but we got some good food from this less active vietnamese lady. so good!!!! and we saw the mallorys (my favorite family in the ward) wednesday we switched back and i got my buddy taetakua back and then we got to go to the temple. WOO!!!! it was awesome. i had been going into the temple to see what we can do better to halp the members do missionary work. so we sat down in the chapel waiting for our session to start and the couple in front of us turns around and tells us that they just got back from a proselyting mission in england together and now they are serving as addiction recovery missionaries in the valley. he started testifying on how you need to TEACH the members how to find and how to do missionary work. so i took that for my answer. he continued to do so in the celestial room and then outside of the temple. it was awesome. we visited our ward mission leader later and turns out that he had been praying for the same thing and got the same answer! so we put a lesson plan together on teaching the members how to have faith in finding and how the atonement motivates us to share the gospel to our friends and family. which was AWESOME!!!!!!! thursday i got to go to lunch with mom and dad which was really fun. haha. elder taetakua loves you guys. aha. after we got our tire fixed because the night before i got a flat and looked at the tire and turns out i had an alen wrnech sticking out of my tire. really annoying. so we got it fixed for free by a shop up on the mountain. friday we planned for our next week, nothing special. saturday was really fun. we did a service project for the city as a zone. we cleaned up trash around a park it was really fun, then after they fed us burgers and ribs and salad and stuff. it was awesome!!! that night we had dinner with a part member family and shared a mormon message about the priesthood. we testified that the priesthood has been restored and invited him to take the lessons and he accepted!!! WOOOO!!!!! thats 4 people this week. awesome!!! it was so cool. sunday we had church and not a whole lot happened. at night though we had the why i believe fireside that weve been planning for about a month. before it started elder taetakua and i were running around trying to make sure everything was set up and that the program was ready.

That's my week,

Love you guys,

Elder Nonu

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