Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DECEMBER 17, 2012

anyways. this week has been good. monday we played sports and shopped and stuff. tuesday we went to our zone meeting with the zone leaders and stuff. kind of a boring day though. wednesday we had a leadership meeting for the mission. elders moreno and i had to give trainings. his was on companionship study and mine was on obedience. it went really well. i loved elder morenos. hes a good missionary. after we had a christmas talent show for half of the mission. it was sooooo fuinny. i was dying the whole time. elder vaiaoga and his zone did the haka, but the funny and awkward part was when he got on stage all he was wearing was a lava lava. i guess hes ripped his pants the last 3 times he did it. so he took his pants off, but the whole time you could see his garments. it was wierd. we kept telling the sisters to cover their eyes. then we all laughed at him afterwards. thursday was the same thing excpet for the other half of the mission. it was fun. but this talent show wasnt as fun as the last one. so yah. we had a small meetig after all of that for all of the polynesian missionaries. we got permission from the area 70 to go to the sevens tournament in february. our ward mission leader is going to get us tickets. :D so yah! well be there again. im sooooo excited. friday was a whole lot of nothing. we went on an exchange with the zone leaders up by my old area. it was fun. i was with elder dubois from minnesota. we had a lot of fun. saturday we had 2 baptisms to go to. one was for a little 9 year old girl weve been teaching named natasha. shes so cool and smart. it was a fun baptism. that night we went back for a baptism in central for 3 kids i was teaching before i left and they got baptized saturday. so that was awesome!!!! unfortunately i didnt get a picture of them though because we got there as it was starting. but its ok. im glad i was there. sunday was good too. we went to both wards. the singles ward is awkward. its sooooo friggin awkward in there im super quiet because i dont want to talk to anyone. at least not the girls. theyll say hi and i just smile and wave. but everyone else is cool. weve had a lot of work still going on and a lot of baptisms also. weve had a baptism almost every week ive been here. so were really blessed. our ward mission leader is bro. tiatia. he just recently moved here and he was from the eagle mountain tongan stake that were in. or whatever. he was in the high council. hes so awesome!!!!

anyways. i love you all!!!!


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