Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FEBRUARY 11, 2013

well this week has been great. and very busy. monday we played rugby. fun times. good to run around and side step again (im too fat to play this sport anymore) but ill get back and train. tuesday we had our last zone conference of the transfer. it went awesome. i loved my training and the other trainings that were given. the spirit was strong and i learned a lot, even though ive heard it 6 times. haha. wednesday we had our zone training meeting as the warm springs zone and then we met with president to begin transfers. its so awesome to feel the spirit as were trying to see where missionaries can be moved to strengthen one another. the spiirt is very strong. its awesome. i love every minute. thursday was much of the same. we had more time to work in our area then in any other day in the transfer. so thats always nice. friday we planned. and then helped president with transfers again. saturday was the best day ever!!!! in the morning we drove over to a chapel close to sam boyd staidum and president talked to all of us about our conduct and reaching a referral goal. we drove over and watched the byu game and talked to all of the members there. that was fun. then we went into the stadium. it was awesome!!! i loved every minute. i saw paane there also! it was awesome to see that guy. then i bought some stuff, met a couple of members that handed us 20 dollar bills. good times good times. haha. sunday was good too. i let our family ward bishop know that i was leaving and he had me bare my testimony over the pulpit and starting crying and stuff. i was like, oh gosh.... aha. but ive grown to love this ward a lot. this has been my favorite ward on my mission and will probably stay that way. but ill miss everyone here soooooo much. but everything else is good. im not going to east (the hood) with elder tagilala hes fijian and about 6'4". hes awesome!!!! and from redwood city. pretty swwet huh.

love you!!!!!


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