Tuesday, February 12, 2013


NOVEMBER 19, 2012

thats awesome. i wish i could have been there to hear Pres Holland. but no.

well id give a full account of whats gone on this week but, im actually not because not a whole lot is important because of what happened the last couple of days. so friday night we had gotten a call from president but i didnt pick it up because our phone was on silent. well, saturday morning we went to go exercise and as we were driving back president called again and asked if we could come to the office in an hour. so we said ok, not really knowing what was going on. and we drove to the office and the assistants brought taetakua and i into presidents office and told us to sit down. after asking us some questions he told me he wants me to be the new assistant. so i was like.... holy crap.... aha. so yah. so all day saturday i had to wash and pack all of clothes and stuff. it was very hectic and busy. i only got to say goodbye to about 3 familys. lame. but oh well. saturday night we finished going over transfers, where missionaries are going, new comps, etc. it was crazy to go through everything. i was super lost. but ill get over it. we then made phone calls to missionaries and junk then printed out all of the letters for every missionary to tell them where theyre getting transfered to. after printing, labeling, and stuffing letters, we didnt get home until 3am. sunday. we woke up at 630 and got ready for church. we cover a family ward and a singles ward. its wierd covering a singles ward, everyone is close to my age and its very quiet. so ill have to get used to that. it was a good day though. the past couple of days have been crazy trying to get used to everything and adjust. we are a lot busier. but the area is going really well with work and baptisms so im excited to meet and teach everyone in our wards. so there you go. i got transferred 3 days early and im the new assistant. good times.... my new companion is elder moreno hes been out 1 transfer more then me and has been an assistant for 1 transfer more also. hes awesome. weve been on exchanges together before so weve gotten the chance to know each other, i already love him a lot. but i miss taetakua a lot also, and central.. looking forward to this transfer.

love you mom!!!!!!


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