Tuesday, February 12, 2013

FEBRUARY 4, 2013

this week has been not too exciting. monday we played rugby. it was actually fun. i taught everyone how to play and they actually had a good time. tuesday we had another zone conference that went well. (after 5 youd think i knew what i was doing.) president rebuked my companion for talking so much while conducting. dude does talk your ear off. but its all good. haha. wednesday we had zone leader council which went well also. WAYYY! better then the last one. i was super iritated the first one because our training was horrible. but it got better. i actually spoke this time and we looked like a team. haha. honestly. this week well be looking over the transfer board and seeing who should go where. so im looking forward to seeing where ill be at. until then, ill work my butt off here. thursday we had our 2nd to last zone conference and it went well also. had fun and trainings were great. friday we had exchanges (LAST ONE!!!!) FINALLY! i was with elder gustafson. He's really cool and really quiet. when im with ermakov were always laughing and joking around and stuff and yah.... saturday we exchanged back and had our planning session for the week and then worked for the rest of the day. sunday was great! we went to our family ward and the dennis family came to church together. after bermuda ward block we had a linger longer/ break the fast, which was awesome! our investigators got to talk to a lot of the members of the ward and have some fun and food. after we went to our singles ward and found out that a nonmember showed up while we were gone and we talked and had a quick lesson after church. his name is jason and he has a degree in theology from a catholic university and he denounced everything it taught him and saw that ours was true so we set him for baptism 3 weeks from now. only problem is that hes 34 and too old for the singles ward, so that was lame. but still, the fact that even happened was good enough for me. haha. the dennis family is doing well also, They are fired up to get baptized and even traded shifts sunday so he could come to church. it was sweet! other then that. were still working hard and finding as best we can. this tuesday is our last zone conference in kingman and lake havasu. so im excited about that. the only bad part is that will be our whole day. well drive home get here around 7pm and take dinner until 8pm and then maybe have a lesson and go home. but then the real work begins! >:D




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