Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DECEMBER 3, 2012

honestly ive been friggin stressed out this whole week. this is the most stress ive had my whole mission... ive felt like im just running around like a chicken with my head cut off, and looking like i have no clue what im doing, because i dont. i can find, teach, and baptize, but as far as office work and organizing area boundaries and other stuff i feel lost. but im getting through it. i know that none of that is really true, but it still lingers in my thoughts, but i just go to work and forget about myself. so yah. luckily i have an awesome companion that i love! hes so awesome! but yah. weve been on 4 exchanges this week with 4 zone leader companionships. theyve been fun, but when im in my own area staying busy and working hard is no problem, but i get stressed out because ive been here for almost 3 weeks now and have n idea how to navigate around here. so yah. but i found my gps. :D and a map. but the map only shows our family ward and the singles ward is the whole stake. so yah. fun times.
yah... the bowl games make me so mad. alabama is in the national championship again. im so mad. I HATE THE SEC (south eastern conference) TOO!!!!!!!! the sec is the football conference that the BCS (board of college sports) kisses up too. they think theyre the best teams, the best conference, and they beat everyone. yah theyre good, yah theyre competitive but they get favored for everything. their season schedule has maybe 3 games against top schools and then the rest are against jokes, that are basically like high schools. like after alabama lost to texas a&m they played western carolina or something stupid like that. so they go undefeated, but against crap teams in division 2. so everyone gets mad. especially when you have the pac-12 that oregons in and they play USC, arizona, ASU, stanford, and all these teams that get nationally ranked every year. so yah. lame... but oh well. oregon will destroy kansas state and ill find a shirt about it. i still where my rose bowl sweatshirt i got last year almost every morning for sports and i bought an oregon t-shirt at ross. yay! :D

just a heads up, my skin on my hands and feet has gotten so bad and dry out here that it cracks and bleeds daily. i got a perscription from the doctor out here for an ointment that will help, but idunno what else can help. nothing seems to work. maybe dad has some voodoo samoan healing lotion balm from back home that he can send. just kidding.

anyways. thats my week, love you all.


cant wait to skype on christmas. :)

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