Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NOVEMBER 26, 2012

oh my gosh. this week has been psychotic. monday was good. we played sports with the zone and everything, but we were so busy in and out of the office that we didnt have time to email until about 1030 at night. we prepared everything for transfers and dint get everything done until about 12 at night. tuesday we picked up all of the new missionaries from the airport which was really cool. :) haha. just watching them coming down the escalator looking confused and excited was pretty amusing. and of course what was even better was the huge smile on their faces when we walked up and gave them a huge hug. haha. they opened up a lot after that. we took them to the mission home and talked to them about our mission and whats expected of them and they we gave a training and everything. it was really fun. :) after, we got everything ready in the chapel for transfers and it was awkward sitting on the stand next to president instead of with my boys. me and elder taetakua just laughed and made faces at each other. haha. i miss that guy SOOOOOOOOO much. elder zelenski (my comp from my second area) was the AP i replaced and he just went home last week. it was really sad to see him go, because i was close with him and loved hanging around him for his last couple of days. haha. after the testimony meeting we assigned the new missionaries with their trainers and sent them on their way. i had the same thinking about APs before the mission too, but we actually get a lot of work done. this area is actually the most work ive had my whole mission. just this past week we set 5 people for baptism and had a baptism saturday. which is always good. we also found 5 new people to teach. our number 1 priority is find teaching and baptizing and on top of that we do a office work and stuff for president to make his life a lot easier. its so fun to be around president so much and his wife. theyre so awesome. :) wednesday we had a training meeting for all the new missionaries and their trainers. it was really good. james' wifes brother is training a new missionary already. hes a boss. elder lilii. thursday we had 2 dinners. 1 with our bishop and his family and then with the 1st counselor and secretary in our mission presidency. they are both in our ward. every night, but 2, this week weve gotten home at about midnight. it sucks, because im exhausted all day. but its ok. i like these areas a lot. so its all good. elder moreno and i are getting a long really well. hes an awesome missionary. im looking forward to this transfer a lot.

all is well in vegas. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!


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