Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DECEMBER 10, 2012

Tell uncle thanks for getting me that lotion from Samoa.  I can't go pick it up since he lives out of my area.  Maybe he can drop it off to me?

this week has been good. monday we didnt do a whole lot. we had 2 appointments at night that canceled. although one came up at night with a 9 year old girl that is getting baptized this week. so that was good. tuesday we went to a district meeting in the morning to see how all of the elders are doing. wednesday we had zone leader council which went really well. me and elder moreno trained on helping the district leaders in the mission step up and focus more on their purpose. we had exchanges with the zone leaders in green valley. i was with elder williams. hes from mesa arizona and super cool. we had a lot of fun. and worked really hard. we had dinner with this part member family. they are from modesto and really cool. they had way good food too. nom nom nom. thursday we had exchanges with the zone leaders in black mountain. i was with elder shearer and hes cool too. hes from boston. it was cool. we go on a lot of exchanges and its cool to talk to them and see what experiences theyve had on their missions and their stories and stuff. ive learned a lot. especially when we get to help them with things going on in their zones or stuff going on with us that we get to help out with. friday.... i dont remember..... saturday! i got to go on exchanges with elder taetakua!!!! we had a lot of fun. haha. we taught 6 lessons that day. this area has been so busy its rediculous. but its fun. we got this custard stuff at night and drove back to central to switch back. oh yah!!!!! we had a baptism saturday morning! haha. for russ osborne. it was awesome. it was probably the strongest spirit ive felt at a baptism while on my mission. everyone in there was balling. we had one of our other investigators there as well and hes been praying to know if the church is true but hasnt gotten an answer. we talked to him about it before and he said he hasnt been reading. so we told him that if he reads, prays, and comes to church, then hell recieve an answer. well hes been doing those things because he got an answer!!!! awesome right? so were going to move back his baptismal date, but hell be getting baptized soon. its been a good week. :)

love yall!!!!


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