Tuesday, February 12, 2013

JANUARY 14, 2013

wel thats lame. and you wondered why i rode a bike everywhere. that crap doesnt happen to a bike. haha. and its free to ride. and you get a work out! what a blessing. and i know you said id probably grow out of that, but i still plan on biking again. unless im on a date, then yah thats too much. but yah. just saying. ill have to get a job so i can spend some dough on something nice. anyways!!! i pray that i will end my mission on bike. i love it so much! :D

thats too bad about the car though. subarus are always good. :) dependable, last long, and 4wd. but yah. just saying.

anyways! this week has been nuts. we had 4 exchanges. first we started on tuesday and went with the zone leaders in the paradise zone (middle of the valley) it was great, i went with elder bradford. hes from virginia and in the air force. then wednesday i went with elder fischer from chile and then elder jacobs on thursday from seattle washington and finally with elder solorzano from mexico. fun times. we had good lessons this week. the dennis family are still coming along well, they both got jobs now and are working a lot. were happy for their families. they are still excited to be baptized on the 9th, so were looking forward to that a lot!!!!! last night we had a lesson with our investigator mario torres, hes mexican and has been in jail for the past 2 1/2 years. hes coming along really well and says that hes just counting down the days until he gets baptized. his son in law greg was also there. weve tried teaching him a couple of times and yesterday he came to church for the first time. he loved it. he went to all three hours and said he loved how friendly the ward was and how welcomed he felt. so we set him for baptism on the 16th last night also. so the work is going forward. the singles ward is not as fruitful right now though. but were trying to think of ways we can fix it. elder ermakov and i are getting along great still. were not with each other a full day very often, but it happens. lol. bro tiatia, our ward mission leader, is on fire still. hes always energetic and ready to help us out. along with the bishop and basicaly everyone in the ward.
the other day we brought the elders quorom president to our lesson with mario and mario and his son were both asleep when we showed up. well we waited for about 10 minutes, and the eqp got up, walked into his room and woke up mario and his son and got mario to come out and sit down with us, then he went back for his son. his son doesnt like us and is just a punk. well, he grabs him by the arm and drags him out of his bed and has him sit down on the couch. it was hilarious.

anyways, thats my week. hope yours goes well! :D



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