Tuesday, February 12, 2013

JANUARY 7, 2012

this week has been eventful to say the least. moday was my last p-day with elder moreno. i love that guy. hes so funny. but its been good. tuesday we had a couple of lessons and said goodbye to a few member families. wednesday we had transfers and got my new companion in the morning. hes a really cool guy. his name is elder ermakov from russia hes a convert of years. and about 6'3". oh and 26. haha. hes the first companion ive had thats bigger and taller then me, so that was a change of pace. in the morning we picked up the new missionaries from the airport. its always funny to see them come down the escalator with that glow. haha. scared and anxious, but ready to work. we drove them all to the mission home and had some breakfast then trained them on the culture here, obedience, and all that good stuff. we had to pick up a missionary that went home for surgery. he had a tumor in his neck, but he was only home for 2 weeks. hes awesome. and lives in modesto, he took out his endowments from the sacramento temple. he told me about how green it is.... -___- lame! after, we had transfers and elder hardy (my past companion) went home. im gonna miss him, but its cool hes going home. and then 2 other missionaries i knew really well went home also. im just another old lame fart of a missionary now. -__- all my buddies are leaving. haha. that night we had no time to work, so we didnt do anything really, but it was still a fun day. thursday we had a new missionary training, so we got to train them and get to know them and hear their experiences and testimonies. it was really cool. i always love those meetings. then we got to work for a few hours. friday we cleaned for a few hours. which was ok, but we plan for our week on fridays, so i wish we would have done that instead, but it still worked out. elder ermakov is a clean freak, so yah. its cleaner. well just say that. haha. then we got some work done. thursday night we actually had gone on splits and while we were waiting for my comp to show up the friend of the guy i was with was waiting outside of his house and i invited him to take the lessons, and now hes set for baptism on the 16th of february. so yah. good times. saturday we had a really good day. in the morning we taught the dennis family about the gospel of jesus christ. they loved it! they understood what the importance of baptism is a lot more and the spirit was very strong. afterward we had a baptism for anna chorney. not sure if i talked about her very much. but shes awesome too. during her interview she told our district leader about how her and her member boyfriend had been living together for 10 years and when we taught her about the law of chastity, she kicked him out, because she "wants to go to heaven". haha! it was SICK!!!! the baptism was awesome too! very powerful and the dennis family was there also. sunday we had church and we bore our testimony in both wards. the spirit of missionary work is very powerful in our family ward, its building up in the singles though. lol. but still good. so its been a good week. this week we have zone leader council and 4 exchanges to go on with zone leaders. so yah.... fun times. love you!!! :D


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