Tuesday, February 12, 2013

DECEMBER 31, 2012

this week has been good. we started on transfers with president. its been interesting. goes to show how important transfers and getting to know every missionary is. i wish they would have kept me as a zone leader longer in different areas because i only got to know a few missionaries really well, and the other almost 200, not so much. haha. but. We had SWEEEEEET lessons with a new family we started teaching. its the dennis family. a husband wife and daughter. they lived in west virginia their whole lives. he owned a car lot, making over 100,000 a year with a big house and living comfortably. they visited vegas a few times and bro dennis said he was compelled to come here, so 2 years ago, they sold everything, packed up everything else in their car with their cat and drove to vegas. now they live in a weekly suite place on vegas blvd and he works at a sandwich shop flipping a sign and couldnt be happier. he told us, he doent know why hes here, but he thinks it might be the church. we set them for baptism that same lesson for the first week in february. theyre awesome! well, with transfers on wednesday, president is sending elder moreno to lake havasu city and im getting a new companion. his name is elder ermakov originally from russia. moreno was companions with him about 6 months ago. i also found out that the blog yall have for me has been followed by one the missionaries moms before he came into the mission. haha. his parents wrote me and stuff it was so cool. so make sure to give a shout out to sister anderson from troy michigan. haha. :D anyways. all is well. Christmas was fun. we hung out with a couple of families and taught 4 lessons also. it was surprisingly busy. i now have a testimony that people are liklier to let you in on holidays. haha. but. yah. christmas eve we went to the littles, this awesome family in the ward. they had a ping pong tournament and elder moreno won a $25 gift card to subway. haha. it was great. we also had a nativity thing that they did, which was hilarious and fun. so yah. thats my week pretty much. :)

love yall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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