Tuesday, February 12, 2013

JANUARY 21, 2013


so this has been the best week of my mission. tuesday we had zone conference and we had to give trainings on finding people to teach. i talked about working with the members. it went well, but the group i had the second time i gave my training had no enthusiasm. so that was a little annoying. but its all good. wednesday i went on exchanges with elder leidecker in my last area. hes serving in that ward now. it was sooooo fun! we taught 3 lessons together with the same people i was teaching before i left. so that was nice. and i got to see a couple of the members i got close with. elder leidecker is a really good teacher. i remember in the MTC he barely spoke, but now hes a best! thursday i went on another exchange with elder dubois from minnesota. hes the funniest guy ever, so we had so much fun and had 2 awesome lessons with new investigators. it was sweet!!!! at the end of the night we had cold stone. :P friday was great too! we had exchanges with the kingman and lake havasu zone leaders. where my last 2 companions are. i was with elder taetakua and his companion elder marsee in kingman and elder ermakov went with elder moreno and his companion elder shearer to lake havasu. i always love having mini rode trips out there. its so fun. :) we had a blast. we went to a baptism they had for their investigators and then went out to an indian reservation the next morning for a baptismal interview. i saw a member i loved when i was in kingman and they took us out to lunch which was fun. they have a son serving in michigan and he was out for like 4 months when i was there, now hes coming home in 2. what the heck...... crazy stuff. i swear. and of course the best part of the ENTIRE WEEK! maybe my entire mission. yah lets go with that. well, as you know the jackson family was baptized a year ago. elder van bruggen (my trainer) and elder roedel (my 2nd comp) all taught them. well, i saw them on my exchange before when i was in kingman last transfer and they told me they were taking temple prep classes. well saturday night they knelt across the alter in the vegas temple and were sealed for time and eternity. the spirit was so strong and overwhelming in that room. i loved it so much. they looked so happy as a family. best day on my mission by far!!!! but thats not all ladys and gentlemen!!! sunday we had a special stake conference in our stake and Niel L. Andersen of the quorom of the 12 came and spoke to the stake. it was SWEET!!!!!! we brought 6 of our investigators and they got to meet and talk to him indiviually for a moment. it was awesome!!!! so a recap of my week. 3 exchanges, 1 in kingman, the jacksons are sealed, and i touched the hand of an apostle. what a blessing.

thats my week. i love it! :D



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