Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nov 5, 2012

This week has been good. monday we played football at the park, kind of lame though. we dont have a very athletic group of missionaries here. so yah... but that night we had dinner and a lesson with the 3 kids that were teaching. we taught about the restoration and it went really well. tuesday we had district meeting in the morning and then our appointment with the drug investigator in the afternoon. haha. it was a good lesson, but shes not progressing. she doesnt read in between appointments and says shell be at church, but weve yet to see her there. so yah. not sure what to do with her. we were supposed to have another lesson with those 3 kids, but they had some ghetto people drama with their mom and long story short, no lesson. lame. but were still positive about it. haha. wednesday was super fun!!! we had zone leader council in the morning, which is always a really good meeting. they talked a lot about diligence and it really helped me gain a love and concern for the welfare of the people we street contact and talk to. so that was good. elder taetakua and i have been chasing people. haha. fun times. :D that night was our halloween mission party and we watched this movie called courageous. it was good and really funny, after we had tons of donuts and candy and fruit to eat and hung out with all the missionaries. i saw elder v and his trainee and james wifes brother also. he and i have gotten to know each other pretty well. hes a cool dude. at the end right after president told us we needed to go home, elder lilii (james wifes brother) screamed and we all did the haka for everyone in the gym and then walked out. haha. it was cool. president thought it was awesome. haha. we didnt get home until almost 1030. :D thursday was good. we went on exchanges with the assistants. i went to their area and we worked. it was really fun. we talked about a couple missionaries were having problems with. but it was a fun exchange. we had cafe rio too. :D nom nom nom. friday was good too. we had a lesson with a less active lady weve brought back into activity. elder taetakua felt prompted to teach her about tithing. about the first 5 minutes as we taught we were both thinking, well she knows about that already, or she probably already pays it. the member we brought (sis. martinez) is the relief society president and she bore her testimony about tithing and just brought the sweetest spirit into the room, it was awesome. then julia (the less active lady) told us that she had been praying about an amount of money that she was going to give to her daughter, but its the last of what she had and her tithing, and she started to cry and said "now i know what to do with that money". that elder taetakua bore his testimony and shared a story and i did the same. it was soo cool to see the spirit working through us into her heart. ive come to learn that that is what makes a successful missionary, its if you follow the spirit and then see it work in the hearts of those you teach and it testifies to them that what you say is true. that night we went to dinner with the tavita family and they told us that their family in that lives next across the street, were contacted by some elders and now they want to come to their ward with them. its a family of 8. 5 of which are baptismal age. so we challenged her to bring them to church and invite them to have a lesson. its awesome. sunday we went to church and it was a great testimony meeting. all of the members highlighted some great gospel topics. a couple of the members said how much they love us. it was really nice. aha. we had a lesson with the husband of a part member family. we taught the restoration, but it went pretty bad. he didnt seem to have much interest or desire and we could feel it. were not sure if hes only doing it for his wife, but we hope to find out soon. he left the room a couple of times as we were teaching and it was just awkward. along with feeling the spirit working with people, you can feel when its not hitting them, in this case because they have a lack of desire. so yah.... it was rough. THATS MY WEEK!!!!!

That's awesome that you get to hear Pres Holland speak at your conference, i wanna hear elder holland talk. He's awesome!!

thank you for that trunky thought.... LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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