Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NOVEMBER 13, 2012

this week has been great. monday we didnt do anything really which was pretty lame, but whatever. wednesday we had our zone meeting where we talk about everything that happened and was discussed at zone leader council to our zone. it went well, we realized how much work we all have to do. half of our zone is new missionaries being trained by new missionaries so its a bit crazy trying to help them acclimate and feel comfortable and to make sure their trainer actually knows what hes doing. so yah. unfortunately though the only missionaries that have been out over a year are the ones that are giving us the most problems. one companionship hates each other and dont really work and the other is our district leader in english who doesnt keep the commitments we live or do the things that were being told will help us be successful missionaries and then the other one just plain doesnt really seem to care. he sleeps in, doesnt get dressed on time, sleeps through studies, and his trainee just talks about how he wants to be an AP so he can know about all the stuff going on in the mission. so yah. stupid. me and taetakua have some work cut out for us. thursday nothing special again. honestly the only time something really happened was saturday through today, so well skip ahead. saturday we went to a funeral for a family in our ward, his brother passed. that night we went to a baptism in elder taetakuas last area for someone he set for baptism the week before transfers. it was one of the best ive been to. very spiritual and it was for a family. they visited the SLC temple on their way back home from an LDS funeral, and then wanted to join ever since. :) sunday was interesting. first we had church and our investigator greg came. hes the fiance of a part member family. sacrament was pefect because the night before he expressed that he didnt have a strong relationship with god and we explained that through prayer he can change that. luckily all 3 sacrament meeting talks were on growing a relationship with god. so perfect! well, it went down hill from there. in gospel principles our ward mission leader/ gospel principles teacher brought up politics for about half of the lesson and talked about how obama is a terrorist and that hes pissed off about the results. i was very very very upset to say the least. then in elders quorom our ex-ward mission leader cussed about 3 times and got into an argument with one of the other elders. this isnt the first time this has happened. so we left church super iritated. were going to visit the bishop tomorrow and let him know though. right after church though we got something to eat, and got picked up by the zone leaders in the zone next to us and we drove to the smith's center. we were invited to an orchestra/choir performance called saints and pioneers. its an all youth orchestra and choir and it was themed after the trek west and the saints in nauvoo. it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! all of the zone leaders in the valley were asked to usher people to their seats and we got to watch the show also. it was sick! very spiritual and strong. they fed us and everything. that took up our whole night. monday! was great. we had a zone conferwence with elder stanley g ellis of the seventy. he talked about how we need to work along side the spirit and with gods help and not just on our own. it was aweome. we had a leadership training after and we went over john 10 and how the sheep are the missionaries in our zone and that we are the shephard that they need to trust and be led by. it was great. all in all its been a good week. also. p-day got switched to today because of the conference, so now you know why im late. haha. :D

anyways. thats my week. hope all is well with you guys! and also, my waist size is 42, i can fit a 40 fine though. 42 is just a lot more leg room though. haha. anything more though is way too big. so yah. thanks for the update on football too! :D one of the elders in the zone is an alabama fan so ive been making fun of him. xDDD



transfers next week..... oh snap!!!! will i leave? who knows!!!

president and the APs thats who....

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